The Celtic trinity knot is a popular design that many people recognize and associate with the Celtic culture. It is used in jewelry and art and, because of its common features and history, has become synonymous with Christianity in some areas. It can also be seen as having pagan roots due to its association with Celtic art in the past, though many Christians today wear it as a symbol of their faith. Who is wearing this design? How did they come to have it on them?

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What does the trinity knot represent for these people and why do they choose to wear or adorn themselves with this particular symbol?

 What is a Celtic Trinity Knot?

In Celtic culture, the triskele was used as a symbol for religious beliefs. It is still and has been commonly used in some circles to represent Christianity and its belief of ‘the Holy trinity’ (one God made up of three parts: father, son and holy spirit). The original design is actually more like a Celtic triskele, with one continuous line spiraling out. The trinity knot is two separate knots connected to each other at the base, therefore representing ‘two’ not ‘three.’

The meaning of the Trinity knot – what does it represent?

The Celtic trinity knot is interpreted by some as symbolizing “the past, the present and the future.” Others see it as a symbol of “energy, power and enlightenment.” Today, many people wear it as a symbol of their faith.

Why do people wear this symbol?

People often choose to wear or have jewelry with trinity knot designs because they want to show their interest in Celtic culture. Some wear it because they want to represent their faith in Christianity. Others choose to purchase trinity knot pieces simply for aesthetic reasons alone.

 How to use the trinity knot in your own life?

Many people choose to incorporate this symbol into their lives in various ways. Some find that meditation with the trinity knot is helpful, as it allows you to focus on the past, present and future as one cohesive unit rather than three separate events. Others choose to use it with their morning routine or meditation ritual. Some use the knot as a daily reminder of how all parts of life are connected and dependent upon each other.

More about the history of this symbol and its roots in Christianity, Paganism, and Hinduism

The Celtic trinity knot has roots of being used in pagan art that can be traced back to the Celts. It was later adopted by Christians who recognized it more for its use in Christian art. The original design of this symbol is not actually a trinity knot – rather, it is one continuous line and is similar to a Celtic triskele.You can also read 16 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Best Girlfriends.

A few examples of how others have incorporated this into their lives:

(a)One person integrates the trinity knot design in some way with each of her morning rituals. She says that it helps her focus on the past, present and future all at once and reminds her that everything is connected and dependent on one another.

(b)Another person likes to meditate with this symbol in his hands. He associates the past, present and future all at once with this design and uses it as a reminder that we must always move forward in life in order to progress.

(c)One individual chooses to use symbols like these for their aesthetic value alone. To them, the trinity knot has become a symbol of Celtic culture and they enjoy having it around as a reminder of that part of their heritage.

(d) Another person chooses to use the design with his morning ritual because he likes how it reminds him that everything is connected in some way and including all parts of life is necessary for balance.

(e) And another person chooses to use images like this with his morning ritual because it helps him focus on the present, past and future as one whole unit of time rather than three separate events that happen independently.

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