Senior Living Cost Calculator: What Is a Senior Living Community?

4.5% of older adults live in some form of senior living. And while it’s a wonderful place for your loved one to continue aging, one thing you might have yet to consider is the cost of senior living.

Below we’ve created a guide that will help you use the senior living cost calculator. But first, let’s start with what is senior living to better understand what kind of place your loved one will learn to call home.

What is Senior Living?

As we get older, one truth remains the same: we all need a bit more assistance than we used to. This is the sole purpose of a senior living community: to provide your loved one with the extra support they need as they continue aging.

Not to mention they’ll be around other older adults that enjoy participating in the same hobbies they enjoy. This means instead of sitting at home doing nothing, they’ll have a full calendar of activities they can choose to join throughout the week and month.

The senior living cost for each community is different and depends on several things.

Level of Care Needed

The first assessment will be the level of care your loved one needs. If they maintain a certain level of independence, they might pay a lower monthly rate them someone that depends 100% on the staff to help them with daily activities.

Keep in mind that as your loved one gets older, the level of care they need will increase, which will need to be discussed with the program coordinator as these needs arise.

Type of Room Selected

Each senior living community has its own set of rooms it offers its residents. Some of these include:

  • Shared rooms
  • Individual rooms
  • Deluxe rooms
  • Smaller rooms

Before you select the type of room where your loved one will reside, ensure you take a tour of the facility. This will give you an idea of the square footage of each room before you make your final decision.

What’s Provided In Care?

Monthly fees will be computed into what you end up paying for your loved one to live there. For example, you will pay fees to support things like:

  • Medical care
  • Emergency call services
  • Community entertainment and enrichment programs
  • Health and wellness programs

These are just a few things your loved one will have access to while living there. And to continue providing them to the residents, each person will have to pay a small fee for people to host these activities.

It’s crucial when you’re finding the right senior living community, you consider all of these things and more before making your final decision.

Senior Living Cost Calculator: Senior Living Tips to Consider

When it comes time to finalize and use the senior living cost calculator, there are several things to think of. First, what fees are associated with living there, and what types of accommodations are available to residents?

The goal is to ensure your loved one is comfortable in their new home. Want to know more? Continue scrolling through our posts.

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