Top 5 Common Oven Repairs and How To Fix Them

Did you know that 77% of households own a microwave oven?

If your oven has an issue, you’ll likely consult an oven repairman to get your oven back up and running.

While an oven repairman may be the best option for fixing an oven, there are things you can do at home to prevent a problem from becoming worse.

Read on the list of the five most common oven repairs and how to fix them.

1. Stove top Igniter Issue

One of the top five common oven repairs is a stove top igniter issue. Igniters typically go out after years of use, and when this happens, the gas from your stove top doesn’t light correctly. You’ll want first to identify the igniter, usually a small metal-looking cylinder attached to the cooker.

To check it, turn on the gas and check whether the spark is visible. If it doesn’t work, switch off the gas, disconnect the power, and detach the igniter. Test the igniters with a voltmeter and, if it’s broken, purchase a new one online or from a home improvement store to replace it.

Once the new igniter is in place, turn the power on and the gas back on, and it should work as normal.

2. Faulty Door Seal

A faulty door seal is one of the most common oven repairs. The door seal is located around the oven door, helping to keep the heat inside during the cooking process. When the door seal is not functioning properly, it can lead to heat loss.

To fix this issue, it is important to check the connection between the door and the oven cavity. Make sure they are secure and properly aligned. You may need to replace the material if it is a blemish or worn out.

3. Faulty Pilot Light

The faulty pilot light is another common oven repair. A malfunctioning pilot light can lead to an incomplete heating cycle and an inability to reach the desired temperature. As a result, the food will not cook properly.

To repair the pilot light, you need to identify the faulty component. The gas valve is often the culprit, but it can be hard to access the valve due to the hard-to-reach back panel. Once the part is recognized, you can either replace it or repair it with a torch.

4. Burnt Out Heating Elements

Burnt-out heating elements are common when it comes to oven repair, and they can easily fix. To replace a burnt-out element, first unplug the oven and turn off the breaker that supplies power. Then remove the inner oven panel to access the element and disconnect the wires.

5. Thermostat Failure

Thermostat failure is one of the most common oven repairs. The thermostat monitors the oven temperature and sends a signal to the heating element to adjust the temperature.

To fix this, you must shut off the oven and disconnect the power source, remove the thermostat control and replace it with a new unit.

Common Oven Repairs You Should Know

Oven repairs can be costly, depending on the cause of the breakdown. There are many common oven problems, including stove top igniter issues, faulty door seals, faulty pilot lights, burnt-out heating elements, and thermostat failure. We can solve it without having to call an oven repair service.

By following the tips, you may be able to return your broken oven to working condition.

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