Recruitment Job Board: What does a Recruiter do?


If you’re new to the recruiting industry, you might wonder what a recruiter does. A recruiter does more than just discover qualified candidates for open positions. They also support people during their job hunt to prepare for interviews, aid with resumes and cover letters, interview applicants, manage pay negotiations, advise clients on employment difficulties, remain up to date with labor regulations, and share market and industry expertise.

They could work for a staffing agency, for an agency positioned internally with a customer, or undertake corporate recruitment. They could be paid on commission or on a retainer. They could be a headhunter or have people come to them looking for job openings.

Recruiters might operate in various roles, but their processes are generally the same.

While exact tasks and responsibilities may differ based on the firm and industry, most recruiters follow a few essential steps when it comes to locating and placing outstanding talent. In this post, we’ll look at six of these procedures to help you understand what a recruiter performs on a daily basis.

6 Process a Recruiter Follows

Though each recruitment agency will function slightly differently, generally they all follow a very similar pattern.

Know a Job Position

The initial step in the recruitment process is understanding the job position that must be filled. This includes examining the job description, prerequisites, and other relevant information to clearly understand the abilities and experience needed for the role.

The recruiter will conduct a thorough examination of the following –

  • salary range, 
  • interview questions, 
  • benefits of the role or working for the company, 
  • company culture, 
  • vacation, 
  • the reason the position is open, 
  • management styles, 
  • soft and hard skill sets required, 
  • start date, 
  • advancement opportunities, and 
  • any other benefits.

Posting Job Details

Once the job position has been specified, the recruiter will develop a job posting that includes all the required details and requirements. This can be accomplished through various methods, including a recruitment job board, social media, and the company’s website.

Recruiters will also use their network to locate individuals who are looking for their next job or who want to advance their careers.

Get the Perfect Candidate 

Once the job posting has gone public, the recruiter will begin the process of locating possible candidates. This may entail examining resumes and applications, conducting preliminary phone interviews, and selecting the most suitable applicants for further consideration.

Presenting candidates

After identifying a pool of qualified candidates, the recruiter will present them to the hiring manager or other relevant parties for additional examination. This may entail compiling a short list of top applicants and submitting background information and resumes for consideration.

Interview Stage

The recruitment process involves various stages, and if an applicant successfully advances to the interview stage, the recruiter is responsible for planning and scheduling the interview. A crucial aspect of this is having a fixed set of interview questions, which is how Best Buy and Kohl’s ensure consistency and fairness during their hiring process. Kohl’s and Best Buy interview questions are tailored to identify the most suitable candidate who aligns with the company’s culture and values and possesses the necessary skills and qualifications for the role. The recruiter may also conduct the initial interview or offer assistance.

Job Offer

If a candidate is selected for the position, the recruiter will typically be responsible for negotiating the terms of the job offer and extending the offer to the candidate. They may also be part of the onboarding process, assisting the new hire in becoming adjusted to their role and the firm.


The duty of a recruiter is to discover and place outstanding talent for their organization or clients. This covers a range of actions and responsibilities, including analyzing the employment position, posting job details, identifying and presenting qualified individuals, coordinating interviews, and extending job offers. They may help their organization or clients locate the best individuals for their needs and establish a strong and successful team by following these methods.

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