Moving to a Senior Living Community? 5 Tips to Choose the Best

Do you know someone that’s moving to a senior community?

Moves to senior communities come with their own set of considerations. If one of your loved ones is making the transition to assisted living, there are things that you need to prepare to make their transition easier.

Read on to learn more about preparing for a move to a senior living community.

1. Consider Location & Proximity to Local Attractions

Being close to family and friends, public transportation, and shopping can make everyday life a pleasure. Make sure that you are close enough to the city center and other local attractions like parks and museums.

Visiting family and friends can be a great way to stay connected and make the most out of living in your new home. You should also consider the safety and crime rate surrounding the location so you can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing you are surrounded by a safe and secure environment.

2. Evaluate Levels of Care & Amenities

It is essential to evaluate levels of care and amenities before committing. It is important to consider the level of care needed and the individual preferences and interests of the independent senior living communities while conducting research.

It is also important to consider the staff’s qualifications and the community’s security measures. Be sure to select a facility that strives to meet the needs of seniors in a comfortable and compassionate environment like those from St John Tower.

3. Research Reviews and Testimonials

Research the available communities in your area, read online reviews, and ask friends, family, or a trusted healthcare provider for recommendations. Testimonials from past and current residents are invaluable resources and will provide honest, firsthand accounts of their experiences.

Testimonials can give you an insight into the quality of care, the amenities available, and what others think of the community. Research reviews and testimonials will give you a well-rounded look at the senior living community so you can decide if it is the right one to move into.

4. Analyze and Compare Costs

One of the best ways to do this is to seek advice from family and friends who have already gone through the process. Research fees, payment plans, and amenities offered are also important.

This can be done by visiting several different communities and comparing their pricing structure, features, and monthly costs. That way, it is possible to decide which community offers the best value for money.

5. Review of Transportation Options & Activities Schedules

Whether you’re moving around the town or to a different neighborhood, there are several reliable options. Public transportation is a great option, especially for those who are on a budget. Busses and trains can transport you quickly while also allowing you to relax and take in the scenery.

It will typically include things like yoga classes, movie nights, field trips, and more. You can get an idea of what the community is like and decide if it’s right for you. Some communities may even offer transportation to different events and locations.

Read More About the Senior Living Community

Moving to a senior living community is an important life decision. It can give an improved quality of life and an active social life, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of added health services.

Take a few minutes to research and read more about senior living communities to make sure it is the right fit for you or your loved one.

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