Moissanites are taking over the Engagement Ring Markets!

Ever heard of moissanite before? Well, it is high time that diamonds move along as a new gemstone is making heads turn and pushing the boundaries of cost-effective jewelry lines. Moissanite is the new diamond, and it is true.

They are extremely rare, and their rarity makes them unbelievably scarce owing to the fact that they are now lab-made. This has made Moissanite a much cheaper alternative to Diamonds but with the same shine, sheen and brilliance that the original moissanite has. 

Moissanite solitaire ring is the ultimate choice amongst those who want to revamp the whole diamond ring fad and want to switch to something more economical and fancy but with no compromise on the qualities of a diamond stone like strength, durability, shine, color or brilliance. 

The Evolution of Moissanite in the Jewelry Industry

Moissanite was first discovered by a French Geologist at a meteor crash site. The ultimate brilliance and shine of moissanite in the site were unmistakable. It was soon analyzed and termed after the discoverer’s last name, Moissan. 

The element’ hardness and strength are slightly less than a diamond but higher than any other element in the gem or precious stone market. The color and the brilliance were similar to diamond, so much so that it could be easily mistaken for a diamond even by an expert on a normal day. 

Only with a few nuances here and there could a real expert who knew the difference between Diamond and Moissanite could ever identify this rare gemstone. Soon the precious stone was exhausted, making jewelry and sold in auctions. 

But scientists were able to reverse engineer the element, and today, Moissanite is completely made in the lab but with no difference from the original Moissanite found 120 years ago. The carbide-based element is known for qualities that are only second, and in some respects, equal to diamond and therefore is one of the best alternatives to diamond jewelry in the present scenario. 

Moissanite-Based Jewellery in 2022

There are many reputed sellers in the market today who are using original Moissanite in their line of jewelry. One of their most popular options is the Moissanite Solitaire Ring, which is a perfect alternative to the very expensive diamond engagement rings available in the market today. 

A fair size diamond ring can cost anywhere between $30,000 to millions of dollars based on the quality and size of the diamond. The 4C’s that the diamonds are evaluated with make all the difference in the price range of a simple diamond ring. 

With a Moissanite ring, all a person spends is probably one-quarter of the price or perhaps lesser but with no compromise on looks, appearance, strength and all the same 4C’s which are used for Moissanite as well as a measuring standard. 

Today, original Moissanite is used in rings, necklaces, individual pendants, bracelets and in accessories such as handbags, belts, watches, hair clips and even shoes. They make for excellent, fashionable jewelry options as they are as strong as diamond stones and will last for a lifetime. 

Couples who are looking for the qualities of the diamond but in a more economical option for their wedding or engagement are sure to love a Moissanite-based engagement ring, given the amazing designs and characteristics that they come in today.

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