One of the newest and most well-known social media networks accessible today is Tik Tok. Although it primarily functions as live-streaming software, users also have the ability to upload brief films that may last up to 15 seconds. Although the app is quite well-liked, one of its shortcomings is that it can be challenging to acquire likes on your videos. The more likes you receive, the more well-liked you seem to be, and the more chances you have to gain new followers. We will look at easy ways to get more tiktok likes on your videos in this blog article. These techniques are based on both professional guidance and our personal app-using experience. We sincerely hope you can use them.

  • Create Interesting and Creative Content

Creating engaging material that grabs viewers’ attention is the first and most crucial step in increasing likes. No one will want to watch or even like your videos if they are boring. Film anything you believe people will like to watch, and be imaginative. You could want to try video yourself taking on a task, or you might want to experiment with the editing software and create some amazing effects. When it comes to developing content, there are countless options, so be sure to explore until you discover a method that suits you. Additionally, make sure that your films are of a respectable length; 15 seconds or less is ideal. If they’re too long, people will lose interest, and if they’re too short, they might not be worth watching.

  • Hashtags


Including hashtags in your videos is a fantastic method to increase viewership. Your videos are more likely to appear when a user searches for such topics if you utilize pertinent hashtags. If you’ve created a humorous dog video, for instance, you may use the hashtag #dogsofinstagram. To reach the largest audience possible, try to employ a combination of trending and specialized hashtags. On TikTok, you are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags, so use them all. If you use hashtags excessively, you risk having your videos shadow banned. Also, many people use celebian hashtags to get their videos seen by more people. Asking questions such as Is Celebian legit? will help you understand if this is something you want to try.

  • Video Quality

Since TikTok is primarily a visual platform, it’s critical that your videos appear well. This entails using stabilizers like tripods when recording in well-lit environments. You may buy editing software if you want to be truly creative and make your films appear even more polished. Keep in mind that viewers and participants are more likely to interact with high-quality information. Many individuals make the error of believing that in order to generate high-quality movies, they must own extremely expensive equipment, but this is simply untrue. By taking the time to set up your shots and edit your movies appropriately, you can still create excellent content even if you’re using your smartphone to record your videos.

  • Consistency


You must maintain consistency in both frequency and quality if you want viewers to keep returning to your films. So that your fans know when to anticipate fresh content from you, try to regularly publish new videos. Additionally, make sure that your films are regularly of high quality; if viewers watch one of your videos and find it to be of poor quality, they may stop paying attention to your channel. People are more inclined to watch your movies and remain around when you are consistent. Additionally, make an effort to publish videos that are around the same length; viewers may become turned off if your movies are noticeably different in length.

  • Cross-Promote Your Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Tell your fans when you post new videos on TikTok if you already have a following on another social media site, like Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively, you may just provide a link to your TikTok page in your bio. You can accomplish this by sharing a teaser of the video on your other social media accounts. As individuals who are already engaged in your content are more likely to watch and interact with your TikTok videos, this will help you increase views and likes on your videos.

  • Engage with Other Users

Engage with Other Users

On TikTok, be careful to leave comments, like videos, and follow other users. People are more likely to find and interact with your own material the more active you are on the app. Attempt to reply to any comments you get on your own videos as well. By interacting with other users, you establish a feeling of community on your channel, increasing the likelihood that viewers will remain around and keep watching your videos. Collaboration with other users is a terrific idea as it will enable you to reach a larger audience.

  • Profile Picture and Username

Make sure your username and profile image are appealing because these are the first things people will notice when they access your account. A close-up of your face in a profile photo is ideal so that others can quickly identify you. Make an effort to choose a username that is both easy to remember and spell. You’ll be easier to discover and more likely to appear in search results if you do it that way. Additionally, having a memorable username will increase the likelihood that someone will click on your profile in the first place.

  • Timing Of Posts

Timing Of Posts

Your posting schedule for videos is crucial. When your target audience is online the most, you should strive to publish during those times. As more people read through their feeds, they will be more likely to notice your videos. Try publishing at various times, and keep track of when your videos receive the greatest engagement. The time you post should often take into account your intended audience’s location and time zone. You’ll have an advantage over the competition if you make sure that your films are posted at the right times.

Use Popular Music

Use renowned audio in your videos if you want to increase their views and likes. People are more inclined to view your video if they see that you’re employing a tune that they are familiar with. Additionally, TikTok will market your video for you if you choose popular tunes. The reason for this is that the app tries to entice users to listen to the music it offers. Additionally, you may utilize the hashtag function to add the music you used in your video to your description, making it simpler for people to locate it.


In conclusion, the tactics listed above are tried and true approaches to help you improve the number of likes on your TikTok videos. To notice a noticeable change in the number of likes you receive, publish frequently, use trendy music, cooperate with other users, and create intriguing material. Have fun, be inventive, and persevere

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