A lot of people see many opportunities in their careers in photography. That is why it is essential to know how to convert files whenever we need them. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are a popular image format for web graphics, logos, and icons.

However, sometimes, you may need to convert PNG file to a different format, such as JPG, PDF, or BMP. Converting a PNG file is a simple task, and several methods exist.

This article will discuss how to convert a PNG file using different ways.

Using an Online Converter

An online converter is one of the easiest ways to convert a PNG file. Several websites allow you to upload a PNG file format and convert it to the desired format.

Open the website of the online converter in your browser. Select the format you need for the png conversion. Choose a file, click the “Convert” button, and wait for the website to convert the PNG file. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the file to your computer.

Using Image Editing Software

An image editing software can be used as a png converter. You can convert PNG to SVG when you need to. It’s great if you have image editing software, like Adobe Express or Photoshop, to use.

To start, open the image editing software on your computer, then open a file. Browse and select the PNG file you want to convert. Click on the “File” menu again and choose “Save As.”

In the dialog box, remember to select the format you want to convert the PNG file to. You can convert it to JPG, TIFF, EPS, SVG, or BMP. When prompted, provide a name and location to save the new file, then click the “Save” button.

Once done, the newly converted file will be saved in the specified location and format. Any other software or device can open, edit, and read the converted file. The conversion process is straightforward!

Using a Command Line Tool

If you are comfortable using the command line, you can use a command line tool to convert a PNG file. Open the Command Prompt on your computer, type the following command, then press Enter: convert input.png output.jpg.

In the above command, replace “input.png” with the PNG file name you want to convert. Then “output.jpg” with the name you want to give to the converted file. Once the conversion is complete, you will find the converted file in the same folder as the original file.

Use This Guide to Convert PNG for Your Files

Converting a PNG file is a simple task that can be done using different methods. You can convert png files fast using an online converter.

If you have image editing software installed, you can also use it to convert your PNG file. Take the time to choose the best method for you and convert your PNG files to your desired format.

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