How to Become the Best British Governess

There is no “right” answer or list to becoming the best London or British governess. However, there are some universal characteristics that all parents look for in a nanny. On the other hand, what can be important to many parents and caregivers will not be so important to others. The trick is to make a perfect balance and match the perfect nanny with the perfect family.

Although a genuine love of children is required, more often than not simple love is not enough. Since UK governesses work long hours and very often work with no supervision, parents really rely on their nannies to keep their children safe and provide the highest level of childcare so they can fulfill their own commitments.

Therefore, if you’re considering hiring a nanny or becoming one, here we will discuss some more or less universal tips and tricks that can help you in making the decision. 

There Is A Trick For Every Trade- For The London Governesses Too

When you apply for a job or hire, in both cases it is perfectly normal to have jitters. No matter which side you are on, you just need to remember that as uncomfortable as it is for you, it is also like that for them. Still, when you start the story with an open heart, the beginning of high-quality mutual respect and cooperation is inevitable.

Let’s see what is useful to pay attention to:

  • Keep your London governess journal- it is said that the journal is one of the most proficient tools in becoming the best British governess
  • Make sure that job expectations are clearly set on both sides
  • Keep it tidy, fun, and flexible
  • Respect the differences
  • Have a nurturing spirit

In general, no matter what you do, if you can, try to make sure to always leave the house better than you arrived. Sometimes a simple cleanup with not a lot of effort will help in leaving a good impression. 

Keep Your Journal 

A nanny journal is beneficial for both sides due to multiple reasons. Besides the fact that it is allowing you to track your and your kid’s day, it is improving communication between the nanny and her employers. In addition, a list of emergency contacts should be always available since basically anything can happen when the governess is home alone with the child.

You will agree that eating habits are equally important as the emergency contact list. It is useful to know what kids ate, especially if something happens. Not only will this help kids have a balanced and healthy diet, but you can also note any allergic reactions or similar. However, maybe the most important thing for the journal for London governess is having a journal where the nanny can note any potential problems or issues with the child. In addition, this is a simple way to see patterns of children’s behavior that can be useful to monitor or correct. 

Make Sure That Job Expectations Are Clearly Set On Both Sides

It is assumed of course that even before that first day, nannies should have a clear image of the family’s expectations. When you have expectations set before in addition to already having communicated your own needs and requirements,  just make sure to have it all in a formal contract.

Of course, it is important that the values of the governess match the values of the family, however, the expectations that you have for payment, time management, communication, and overtime are of extreme importance also. The majority of families want 100% of their time dedicated to watching the children. Depending on the needs, that time can be divided in different ways, but education and creative activities are the most wanted and needed ones. 

Keep It Tidy, Fun, And Flexible 

In order to become the best British Governess, it is not a secret that besides education and qualifications, you need to be fun and flexible. Also, being tidy is maybe not the first request on the parents’ list, but it is a great add-on. No one likes the idea of sloppy persons taking care of their children’s upbringing. 

Since the kids are unpredictable, organizing skills are very important. You need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Always prepare yourself for emergency conditions and have additional material prepared such as Post-its, or notes if the kids find some other topic more interesting than the one you have chosen for the particular day. The perfect balance between having fun and teaching is the essence of becoming the best British governess. 

Respect The Differences 

When you maintain a pleasant relationship with the family since it is their child you are taking care of after all. Your job is your duty and if you sometimes feel that your attitudes do not match the attitudes of the family, feel free to express it directly, but in a professional manner and respectfully. Make sure to follow the house rules and the family culture at all costs. 

Most professional governess agencies will know that every child is different in how to match the children with the perfect London governess. The basic agency goal is to provide the best service in order to suit the childcare needs in London and in the whole UK. Ethics and professionalism are extremely important for the best agencies. 

The Best British Governess Need To Have A Nurturing Spirit

Having a nurturing spirit means that they must be able to foster children’s development accordingly. That includes being responsible for encouraging and supporting children in their ideas and endeavors. A great nanny is reliable, and parents are able to rely on the governesses. That is why, they need to be responsible, reliable, and able to fulfill their obligations. All this above is important because the governesses are accountable for the children while they are in their care. 

Even though UK governesses and parents may not always be on the same page when it comes to childrearing practices or decisions, the relationship should always stay respectable. Governesses need to honor the authority the parents and/or caregivers  have. Nurturing spirit also included active children’s engagement in all the school and extracurricular activities.

All in all, becoming the best British governess is not easy, but it helps if you are patient, kind, and willing to learn. Although kids are sometimes difficult to deal with, you will have a huge satisfaction when you realize that your professionalism made them happy and successful.

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