5 Steps to Take if Your Car is Hit by a Commercial Truck

Commercial vehicle collisions may be disastrous, frequently resulting in serious casualties and substantial property damage. If a commercial truck strikes your vehicle, you need to act quickly to ensure your safety, get the appropriate information, and defend your legal rights. This post will go over five important things to do if you get into an accident with a commercial vehicle.

Ensure Safety First

Ensuring you and the other people involved are safe should come first in the aftermath of a collision with an industrial truck. To avoid more collisions, try to park your car in a safe spot away from oncoming traffic. To draw attention from other cars to the accident area, turn on your hazard lights. You may also use warning triangles or flares to improve visibility. Inspect yourself and any other passengers for injuries, and if necessary, get medical help right once. When leaving your car and exploring the accident area, use caution since there can be obstacles like broken glass or liquid spills. In any accident scenario, your security should always come first.

Call Emergency Services

Make sure everyone is safe before reporting the accident and requesting help by calling emergency services. It is imperative to notify law police and emergency medical services, particularly in situations involving commercial vehicles, since they might need specific resources to handle the issue efficiently. Give precise details on the accident’s location, the number of cars involved, and the wounds that were suffered. When law enforcement personnel get there, their tasks include evaluating the situation, obtaining data, and drafting an official injury report. Give police authorities your version of what happened before the crash and cooperate with them. An accident report produced by the authorities will be a necessary record for lawsuits and insurance claims.

Document the Scene

Make as many notes as you can regarding the cars involved in the collision and the accident site as you wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Take pictures of the damage to the truck that was involved in the crash, your car, and any additional cars. Take pictures from a variety of viewpoints and angles to provide a thorough picture record of the accident. Get the truck driver’s name, license number, insurance coverage, and employment data, along with their contact information. Get the names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident, if any existed. Witness statements might offer important confirmation for what you’ve described as happened.

Seek Medical Evaluation

Following a collision with a commercial vehicle, it’s imperative to get medical attention as quickly as possible, even if you don’t feel hurt right away. Certain injuries, including whiplash or internal damage, could not show signs for hours or even days following the collision. An expert in medicine can evaluate you, identify any injuries, and suggest the best course of action. Observe the advice of your physician on treatment and aftercare. Maintain thorough records of all the medical examinations, procedures, and costs associated with your injury. To prove the severity of your injuries and pursue damages in insurance policies or legal actions, medical records will be necessary.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Suppose you got in an accident in California. It is recommended to get legal counsel from a California truck accident lawyer with expertise in truck accident lawsuits following a collision with a commercial truck. A few stakeholders, including trucking firms, insurance providers, and government organizations, are frequently involved in commercial truck accidents, as well as complicated legal difficulties. A personal injury lawyer may assist you in navigating the complexity of the legal system, defending your legal rights, and advocating for your interests. They can collect evidence, speak with insurance companies, carry out a comprehensive accident investigation, and seek payment for your lost earnings, medical bills, injuries, and other losses.


Although being in an accident with a commercial vehicle might be frightening and stressful, you can safeguard your safety, legal rights, and interests by acting quickly and decisively. Through safety precautions, contacting emergency services, taking pictures, being checked out, and getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, you may handle the aftermath of an agricultural vehicle accident with courage and fortitude. After being in an accident with a commercial vehicle, keep in mind that you are not solo and that there are activists and resources available to help you in your quest for justice and healing.

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