Best Podcast Apps that You Need to Download Right Now

Who does not like listening to a nice motivational podcast on a weekday while making delicious breakfast and hot sizzling coffee? A lot of us start our day listening to our favorite speakers who speak some sense into us and help us overcome feelings of hopelessness and depression. 

Podcasts do not have to be motivational all the time. You can listen to podcasts based on real-life experiences, podcasts that make you jump with excitement, podcasts that make you laugh like crazy, and of course podcasts that pull you out of the dark phase and brighten your day. 

If you are not into listening to or watching podcasts, well take our word and start taking out time to enjoy them. You would not feel like you are wasting your time. In fact, listening to podcasts is a very productive activity. You get to learn so much about this world and the people around you as a whole.  

So the next time you feel bored and all the weird, dark thoughts start invading your mind, well try your luck with listening to some nice podcasts. They will serve the purpose of uplifting your spirit. However, before you begin learning about these apps, make sure you have access to a solid internet connection similar to Cox Internet that is both speedy and stable. After all, you do need a quality internet connection for a lag-free podcast experience.

Once you have signed up with a reliable provider, well go ahead and download your favorite podcast app. We are aware that the process that goes behind choosing the best podcast apps can be very taxing. Keeping in mind all of this we have enlisted all of these apps in this article. They are all tried and tested so read their descriptions thoroughly and choose the ones that best suit your requirements. 

  • Apple Podcasts

Consider yourself lucky if you have an iPhone in your hand. Apart from the amazing camera quality and the incredible user interface, Apple also blesses its users with Apple podcast, which is an app filled with podcasts of all kinds. 

In addition to listening to these amazing podcasts, users can also rate as well as review them making it even simpler for newbies to choose the podcast that is worth their time. 

The only downside is that it is challenging to navigate and has a rather clunky appearance. This is because, if such a feature exists in Apple Podcasts, it is not immediately apparent. You are left with the “now now” and “listen later” choices for each episode in a single queue. You can speed up playback or skip forward or backward by 15 or 30 seconds. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to be had here.

  • Spotify

We all know Spotify as a music app that keeps us entertained most of the time. What most of us don’t know is that it also gives you access to podcasts. The business has invested a lot of money and effort in podcasting, creating a lot of buzz. However, it simply feels a little meh as a listening app. The good news is that you can make playlists of your favorite podcast episodes. Moreover, you can access a few exclusive broadcasts on podcasts. 

Additionally, you will find some “exclusive” shows there that you will just find in this app. You can alter the speed and move 15 seconds back or forward. Podcasts can also be rated, but reviews are not available. Overall, it is just quite basic, and if you use the app to listen to music, the podcasting portion may wind up being forgotten. The general “Search” tab will return both songs and podcast episodes.

  • Acast

One of the most popular podcast and audio show streaming apps is Acast. You can listen to audio programs made by content producers throughout the world. You can use the app’s built-in filter to search for content depending on the region. Listeners may filter the best podcast program and recommendations on a variety of topics thanks to its popularity in European, Australian, and US countries alike. 

The fact that this software is an open platform for creators of audio content is its strongest feature. Creators from all over the world who know a particular specialty can host shows directly on Acast and make money from them. You may find some of the shared shows by famous people on Acast in addition to exclusive shows and unique podcasts.

  • PlayerFM

PlayerFM is another excellent program for both streaming and downloading video podcasts. There are more than 20 million shows available to view and listen to on this podcast video app. This app is excellent for someone looking for a range of materials because of its user-friendly UI.

  • PodCruncher

Pod Cruncher can only be used on iOS, in contrast to the other two apps on this list. For Apple users seeking video podcast software, it is a cheap and simple choice. Users can download the podcast for offline listening or stream episodes and manage podcasts over WiFi. Playlists are made to filter and organize episodes. Users can manage subscriptions and find new podcasts with its assistance.

Final words

Listening to podcasts is a productive pass time activity. However, we are aware that choosing the podcast app that meets your tastes and requirements can be a tricky task, and hence we have made this list. So choose the one that best suits you and download it right away. 


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