Laravel is one of the most well-known underlying frameworks for building effective online apps. The environment offers to web developers is quick and easy. With sessions, authorization, filtering, and caching being among the most tedious aspects of online projects, Laravel aims to make the entire development process much more streamlined and effective. You can hire Laravel developers to perform some of the best operations and functionalities specifically defined for them, and the quality is never compromised. Dependency injections can be carried out in various methods using relational databases. 

The number of Laravel packages available is 15,097, according to Packalyst. It is not worthwhile for you to spend time browsing through all of these bundles. Laravel aims to accelerate and simplify the development process by excluding typical projects. Furthermore, it won’t affect the functioning of the application and will make it simpler for developers to perform specifically planned tasks.

Two categories can be established from these packages:

Framework independent packages: packages for all PHP frameworks that are independent of frameworks

Laravel-specific packages: packages designed specifically for Laravel only function with this framework.

Access to all of the framework’s features, including deployments, tests, views, and numerous more, is one of the main advantages of using Laravel packages. It also grants the host application access to all of Laravel’s capabilities.

Additionally, they follow the DRY Principle, which minimizes code and enhances the app’s maintainability. Create your customized Package known as Laravel plugins. Utilize one of the numerous Laravel Packages publicly accessible online rather than creating them from scratch.

Developers are searching for useful packages in their projects in greater numbers as Laravel’s popularity continues to rise. It might be challenging to choose which possibilities are worthwhile for your time, even though there are many outstanding ones.

Some of the top Laravel packages are included on this list, and you should use them as of 2022. To help you out in 2022, we’ve compiled some of the top Laravel packages.

Best Laravel Packages

Some of the best Laravel packages for 2022 are listed below. You can utilize these Laravel packages to optimize your overall app performance. 

Spatie Laravel Mail Preview

GitHub Stas: Stars (997) | Forks (76) | License (MIT)

 One of the most practical and well-liked Laravel packages is the Spatie Laravel Mail Preview package, which allows you to instantly view emails received by the Laravel application in your browser. The Package always injects a tiny overlay with such a link to the sent email whenever a message is delivered to your application. Users may immediately test the mail-in in their browser, thanks to this.

Key Function’s 

  • Preview in a Web Browser
  • Making assertations against sent mails 
  • Quick preview mails 


GitHub Stas: Stars (1.4k) | Forks (628) | License (MIT)

One of the most well-liked Laravel messaging packages is Twilio’s SendGrid. It has tracking tools and is highly quick and efficient. It provides information on how many users click on your link and how often they do so, along with other crucial stats like the number of mail clicks.

Key Function’s

  • Analytics
  • API
  • Contact Database
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Real-time reporting 


GitHub Stas: Stars (4.7k) | Forks (1.5k) | License (MIT)

An open-source, free Laravel package for e-commerce is called Bagisto. It is made with everyone in mind, with a focus on accessibility, and is intended to make it simple for developers to grow and develop their e-commerce businesses. You have ultimate control of your online store, and it offers many handy capabilities. Even for non-technical users, it is a simple-to-use ecommerce program. Setting up an online business or converting an existing brick-and-mortar store to an online store requires significantly fewer resources, less money, and less time.

Key Function’s 

  • Insights & Reports
  • Core Web Vitals 
  • Product SEO
  • Muti-vendor marketplace 

Get Candy

GitHub Stas: Stars (437k) | Forks (118k) | License (Apache-2.0)

A Laravel-compatible headless e-commerce platform is GetCandy. The developers may quickly create an attractive custom web store because of its user-friendly interface. GetCandy is a combination of an administrative system and an eCommerce API designed to build and support high-functioning ecommerce websites and provide users total control over the customer experience for their storefront.

Key Function’s

  • No bloatware 
  • Complete control 
  • Backend for PWA 
  • Headless E-commerce 


GitHub Stas: Stars (5.7K) | Forks (912) | License (MIT)

For e-commerce needs, Aimeos is a well-liked Laravel module. You may quickly create an e-commerce website with the bare minimum of features and full functionality. Additionally, it includes sophisticated capabilities for a sophisticated enterprise-grade e-commerce solution, like the Laravel multilingual package, SEO-ready tools, and customizable themes. Due to its astounding website speed and server optimization, Aimeos is well-liked in the Laravel community.

Key Function’s 

  • Multi-warehouse 
  • Optimized for Smartphones & Tablets 
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplaces
  • Multi-channel Marketplaces 
  • Free shops till 1,000,000000+ items that render in 20 ms


GitHub Stas: Stars (6.1K) | Forks (1.3k) | License (MIT)

In Laravel 5 applications, this Package is beneficial for role-based permissions. With the help of the Package, you may specify several roles that will control access to various Laravel application components. The Permissions Table, Roles Table, Role User Table, and Permission Role User Table are four different sorts of tables you can create with the aid of the Package. You may manage user roles and permissions more efficiently with the aid of these tables.

Key Function’s 

  • User relations to roles
  • Various permission and roles
  • Easier installation
  • Short syntax route filter
  • Provides dynamic navigation 

Laravel Mix 

GitHub Stas: Stars (5.1K) | Forks (819) | License (MIT)

For Laravel developers who want to incorporate popular CSS and JavaScript preprocessors into their projects, Laravel Mix is a fantastic solution. It makes it simple to begin without understanding webpack by providing a fluent API for constructing webpack build stages. 

Consequently, Laravel Mix is a tool that aids in the compilation and optimization of assets in a Laravel application. It functions similarly to those of development tools like Grunt and Gulp. Although Laravel Mix is intended for Laravel, it may also be utilized as an npm package outside of Laravel. Therefore, Laravel Mix is a powerful option if you’re searching for a tool to assist you in compiling your assets because it covers 80% of Webpack’s use cases. You can hire dedicated developers to leverage the capabilities of Laravel Mix in assisting use cases. 

Key Function’s 

  • OS notifications
  • Monitor files for changes 
  • Different style sheets
  • Simple syntax to compile 
  • Aims to make webpack simple 


This takes us to the conclusion of this blog post. The results showed various Laravel packages in this article that you can utilize to maximize the productivity of your project. Users can complete their functional activities with packages since Laravel makes it simple for developers to conduct specially defined actions by selecting one of these packages. Utilizing those programs that assist you in carrying out your necessary tasks will depend on the needs and specifications of the project.

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