10 Best Places To Sell Video Games

How we all love video games. From the old school to the new phone games, there is a game out there for everyone to enjoy. So where do you go to sell your used games? There are many different places to sell your video games. Whether you prefer something simple like Craigslist or want to work with a company that provides you the most money, there is always an option that fits what you’re looking for. The first place on our list is Gamestop. Gamestop is mostly known as the go-to game store but they also offer second-hand games and consoles for purchase.

Gamestop offers gift cards in different denominations for purchasing new games or upgrading your system. They also will buy back old games at fair prices so they can resell them at their store. Bubble Shooter Games Review

┬áLet’s explore 10 of the best places to sell video games and why they’re such great options for you!

1. Gamestop:

“Gamestop is a great option for selling your video games and consoles. Not only do they give you cash but they also hand out gift cards at different values.”

2. eBay:

“eBay is known as the place to go to sell anything you no longer need, so of course they’re getting in on the game of buying and selling video games. Whether you want to sell your old systems or just a few games, eBay is always open for business.”

3. Local Pawn Shops:

“If you’ve got some spare time then head on over to your local pawn shop! But make sure to do your research, some pawnshops will only give you pennies on the dollar for your games.”

4. Craigslist:

“Craigslist is known as the go-to place for buying and selling used items at a garage sale price. If you’re not too keen on haggling then this is the place for you!”

5. Facebook Marketplace :

“Facebook Marketplace is perfect for those who like to sell and trade straight from the comfort of their home. You can check it out on your computer or download the app!”

6. Amazon:

“If you want to take a big step away from selling your games as a private seller then you might as well go all out and sell it on Amazon. From pocket gamers to console collectors, everyone can enjoy your game.”

7. Gumtree:

“Gumtree is the go-to place for selling just about anything in Australia. You can sell or trade almost anything on this site so why not take advantage of that with your video games!”

8. Green Man Gaming:

“Green Man Gaming functions as both a video game retailer and marketplace. That means you can buy the latest games for your collection with ease!”

9. Facebook Groups :

” On most cities, there are groups specifically for buying and selling used items. You post photos of what you have to sell, people message you with offers, and you either meet up or do online trades.”

10. Decluttr

Decluttr is a website that allows users to buy and sell their old CDs, DVDs, books, games consoles, and more. The concept behind the site is simple – it’s an online garage sale for people who love anything related to entertainment or technology! >write about how we all love video games. From the old school to the new phone games there is a game out there for everyone to enjoy.


Selling your video games can be a challenge, but not anymore. With these 10 places to sell video games, you’ll have no problem getting rid of what you don’t need while making some extra cash in the process! The best part is that all of them are so easy to use and ensure speedy transactions. So stop wasting time wondering where to go next – just choose one from this list today!

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