How You Can Make Money With Solitaire Cash

If you like playing games, then you can earn some money with Solitaire Cash app. You can enjoy playing Solitaire Cash while earning cash. Remember that Solitaire Cash and most of the other games at that pay real money are free apps. Solitaire Cash allows you to compete with other players who have the same skill level for the chance to win cash prizes. 

No doubt, this is a modern way to play the classic game that most people have played alone in various forms for many centuries. You may be wondering how you can make money playing Solitaire Cash. This post discusses how you can make money with Solitaire Cash. 

Solitaire Cash

As explained earlier, Solitaire Cash refers to a free gaming app that Papaya Gaming developed. Today, there are many people who download this app worldwide and the App Store highly rates this game app. You should note that Papaya Gaming also offers other games that are quite popular, such as Bubble Cash. 

This game gives you the chance to spend cash on some tournaments, though it’s not required. You can find some tournaments that don’t need you to spend cash at all. Therefore, when you join the tournament, you are matched with other people who have similar skill levels, and you can all get the same deck. And, if you finish and you are in the top three, then you can receive cash prizes.  

With Solitaire Cash, you can play the Solitaire game in the same way you would by yourself. You can also join tournaments so that you can play against other players who have the same deck. 

To play Solitaire Cash, you need to move the cards around a table. You can place the cards by alternating the color and in descending order. You also decide to start a foundation pile that has an ace and create a sequence that ascends from ace to king. But if you run out of options, you should look at the stockpile to get new cards to play. 

Then you can continue moving the cards until you have no more moves or even until the stockpiles have all cards. You can send your score to check if you won. Take note that your ranking can depend on how fast you cleared the board. Therefore, if your ranking helps you to be in the top three positions, you can win the cash prize. You can also receive a bonus if you complete quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that Solitaire Cash is designed to offer smooth gameplay. You can undo moves and have fun playing special challenges. Another good thing is that you can play Solitaire Cash without any advertisements that can sometimes interrupt your focus on the game. 

When you first start the Solitaire Cash app, you can play practice games to master the game and get used to the platform. This is where you can demonstrate your skill level and receive gems. If you have enough gems, you can enter freeroll tournaments so that you may win cash. But these tournaments usually have entry fees which you can use gems as a payment and not real money.

Besides freeroll tournaments, you can also have the chance to enter real cash tournaments when you deposit money. You can see the entry fee which is in cash, gems, or even both, cash prizes, number of players before you play. And, these tournaments have higher prizes, though you can lose your entry fee. But if you get first place in these cash tournaments, you may win real cash and have the chance to enter a raffle to receive even more money.   

The people who can play Solitaire Cash 

Because Solitaire Cash is regarded as a gambling app, people who are 17 years old and older can download the app on the App Store. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download the game. You cannot find the Solitaire Cash game on the Google Play store if you have an Android, though you can decide to download the game from the Galaxy Store if you have a Samsung Galaxy device. But you need to be at least 18 years old or older for you to download the app from the Galaxy Store.

You can play Solitaire Cash almost in any state, but there are some states that restrict cash tournaments. You should note that Solitaire Cash requires some skills, so it’s suitable for people who have the classic Solitaire card game skills. You can also utilize Solitaire Cash to help you improve stacking up your suits faster. 

Because it’s free to play Solitaire Cash, you can lose nothing unless you choose to enter these cash tournaments. In such cases, there is a chance that you can lose cash.  

You can have great chances of winning cash prizes if you play more games. You earn gems for every tournament that you play, so you may eventually use these gems as entry fees for cash tournaments. For instance, you can decide to play a freeroll tournament that costs 1,000 gems and has a $5 payout. You can also have the chance to enter daily raffles that may give big cash prizes when you win. 

There is a higher earning potential with these cash tournaments that you join using real cash. For instance, a $5 entry fee may let you play against 10 other players for an opportunity to win $50. 

Aside from raffles and tournaments, you can also earn money by referring your friends or colleagues to this app. Once one of your friends or colleagues signs up utilizing your referral link, you can receive a $1 in bonus cash. And, referring several friends can be the best way you can earn some easy rewards.

When you have received enough rewards, you can choose to cash out through your PayPal account. You should remember that the minimum amount of money you can redeem your money is $5. Also, you can use Apple Pay or PayPal if you want to deposit cash on high-stakes tournaments.

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