Why did Judge Garth leave the Shiloh Ranch?

In the hit TV show “Longmire,” Sheriff Walt Longmire is stunned when Judge Garth, who has been a friend and mentor, suddenly hands in his resignation and leaves town.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the possible reasons why Judge Garth might have left Shiloh Ranch.

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The judge had been living in Wyoming for a long time, but just recently moved to Philadelphia. Was it really only about the job? Or were there other reasons he wanted to go back home?

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We’ll explore this and other questions in our blog post.

Judge Garth was an important character in “Longmire.” He even had his own catchphrase, referring to himself in the third person yet again: “The Judge is not amiss.”

Judge Garth was highly respected; many characters were surprised when they found out about his sudden resignation.

It might be for this reason that he reminded Walt of his father. As viewers saw through flashbacks, both men shared their deep faith in God, even if their morals differed.

After Walt’s father died, he spent a lot of time with Judge Garth, who continued to be his mentor and guide.

In the end – or rather, the beginning – it turned out that Judge Garth didn’t leave Shiloh Ranch because he wanted to quit his job, but for a different reason entirely.

To find out what that reason was and why Judge Garth reminded Walt of his father, continue reading our blog post!

We can’t tell you too much without “spoiling” the show, but it turns out that Judge Garth left because he was in danger. He asked Walt to keep his family safe, which Walt did.

As for why Judge Garth reminded Walt of his father, we’ll leave you with this quote from our blog post: “While Walt’s father was more of a free spirit, Judge Garth had strong moral convictions and the strength to stand by them.


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