The official GMAT guide bundle is a compilation covering all key elements of the GMAT exam. The Professional Degree Admissions Council writes these books to test the real GMAT. The reason for this is simply the quality of the questions of practice in an official book will never be approached by a different parties’ book.

About GMAT Official Guide

The GMAT Review Official Guide is a research technique for GMAT exam users. GMAT Official Guides are a number of publications updated annually to provide more information. These resources are the official exam preparation material for GMAT and prepared by the GMAT testing professionals.

However, in my view, this book will not be enough if you want to go far above average, which is why it also includes in a bundle two other books covering the quantitative and verbal parts individually. These two volumes are known as the GMAT Official Mathematical Review and the GMAT Official Guide.

What exactly does the GMAT Official Guide have to offer you?

GMAT Official Guide is a fantastic place of departure for your GMAT trip. This is your orientation to the GMAT exam, along with a detailed description of all the various kinds of questions, explanations, and testing methods. The book includes 10 chapters in total. The first chapter explains what the GMAT examination is, its structure, its scoring method, the amount of time allocated, and the various parts of the test. The second chapter provides helpful suggestions on how to prepare for the GMAT. You may also read Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

The next chapters are essentially the beginning of real learning. All the eight other chapters cover a particular subject such as Math Review, the third chapter, Settling Problems, the fourth chapter, and so on. You will discover recommendations for study tailored to each chapter and testing methods. The last subtopic of each chapter is entitled practical questions, where official practices are answered and explained in detail.

The most genuine and high-quality practice questions available

I get in touch with several exam books every day, and the one grip I get on nearly all third-party books is the poor quality practice issues. The practice-related issues contained in many non-official publications are usually larger, but the actual substance of the questions is where they fail. In most cases, issues are too simple, unnecessarily complicated, or missing subtleties and clues to the context of a problem that distinguishes a standardized exam like the GMAT. I can confidently say that the practical problems you find in the GMAT package reflect the precise core of what you will encounter in the GMAT exam.

Do I need to get the GMAT Official Guide Bundle or not?

You should get the bundle if you are completely new to GMAT and have not purchased any other guide, since why not? If, however, you have studied from a previous edition, don’t purchase it. You are already looking at a high score if you master everything in these previous tutorials. Certainly, hundreds of new concerns, and this is wonderful, but is it good enough to spend additional money on a new bundle when you’re simply going to have more questionnaires and nothing more worth it? I don’t think so, but I will let you with that choice.

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