Should You Use A Free Screen Recorder For Recording Zoom Meetings?

Your Zoom conference may be recorded and played back for later viewing or sharing using free screen recorders. Sessions should be recorded if students may benefit from reviewing the material later, have a documented accommodation, or cannot attend due to a lack of internet connection or sickness.

Security Requirements & Privacy Protections

If you record Zoom sessions using a free screen recorder, follow BC’s Classroom Recording Guidance. This involves informing students that their lessons will be recorded. Sample text for including a recording policy in a syllabus may be found on our Sample Syllabus Statements page.

If students feel uncomfortable being videotaped, they may switch off their camera and/or microphone and interact through the chat box. By switching to “Speaker View,” you may record the session without recording the students’ videos. Zoom’s website explains video layouts while recording.

According to university regulations, if you want to release the tape outside class, you must have the student’s written approval.

How to record Zoom meeting without permission using a free screen recorder?

Even though millions of people all around the globe rely on Zoom regularly, it still has several limitations.

Zoom’s limited recording permissions are a bummer for group chats when not everyone has to be in on the action.

In other words, if you’re a student who wants to know how to record Zoom meeting  so you can view it again later in the week, you can’t do so unless the instructor permits you to do so in the form. Or, as an employee, if you want to record a presentation or meeting so you can view it again and make sure you didn’t miss anything important, you will need the host’s permission given inside the Zoom app.

There are several situations where you would wish to record your Zoom conference but can’t unless you use a third-party program.

The good news is that you can still record Zoom conferences using other methods, even if you haven’t authorized recording rights inside the software.

Does the Zoom app have the capability to record a meeting?

The answer is yes if you are the host or have permission from the host to record a Zoom meeting.

You can still record even if you don’t have the host’s blessing, but you’ll have to use some other program to accomplish it.

iTop Screen Recorder, VideoSolo, Screen Recorder, ApowerREC, and EaseUS RecExperts are just a few examples of apps that may be useful.

How to use iTop Screen Recorder to record Zoom meetings?

Follow these steps to set up iTop Screen Recorder and record your Zoom meetings using this online screen recorder:

  • Download it on your computer, set it up, and tweak it as required.
  • You may get the most recent version of iTop Screen Recorder from the developer’s site.
  • Select the appropriate option from the menu to make changes to the recording parameters.
  • You control the playback settings, including volume, mute, mic, mouse, webcam, playback area, space, resolution, and format. To permanently save your modifications, click “Save” before closing the window.

Please make sure to try iTop Screen Recorder, and we believe you will not use any other screen recorder.

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