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Primewire is down – Best Alternatives


I’m not sure what happened to Primewire but I have found the best alternatives. They are all free so there is no need to worry about spending money even though Primewire is down.

The best alternatives to Primewire that I have found are listed below. Make sure you bookmark the page so that you can find it later when Primewire is down or offline! They are all very similar websites and if they don’t work for some reason, try another on the list. When one doesn’t work just keep trying others as they should but if it is taking way too long to load the video I suggest trying another website.

>>>Streaming Sites<<<

1. 123Movies ( https://123moviess.net/ ) –

The best site I have found so far but it takes a long time to load for some reason, at least a minute sometimes more! But it works and is a great alternative when Primewire is down. Make sure you have a bit of time if it takes too long as some movies take over 5 minutes to load.

2. Putlockers ( http://putlockerhd.is/ ) –

 This site is very similar to 123Movies but I believe that this one loads faster and is just as good if not better than 123movies. I still prefer 123Movies though because it loads slower, but either site works great as Primewire alternatives.

3. Xmovies8 ( http://xmovies8.club/ ) –

 This site is very easy to navigate and works like a charm when you want to watch movies online for free. It also has very fast loading times and is a great alternative when Primewire is down.

4. FMovies ( http://fmovies.to/ ) –

 I have been using this site for quite some time now to watch movies online free and it works great. It also has fast loading times which is the most important thing I think because you want to watch the movies without any problems.

5. MoviesFoundOnline ( http://moviesfoundonline.net/ ) –

 This site is great because it has a list of links that are organized into categories which makes it easier to find your movie. Just click on the category you want and view all of the links in that particular category which will take you directly to the movie page.

FAQs Regarding Primewire

Do I need to install an extension in my browser for Primewire?

  • No, you don’t need to install an extension in your browser for Primewire.

What are the best features of Primewire?

  • Watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free.
  • Find the latest episode of your favorite show in seconds.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • Relieve boredom on a rainy day.
  • Be the first to know about new episodes of your favorite show, before they air!

How is it different from other websites like Torrentz2 or Kickass torrents?

  • Torrentz2 and Kickass torrents work by downloading links from various sources and then maintaining them. This is how it’s different from Primewire as Primewire provides the content.You may also read what-is-christmas-and-why-is-it-celebrated

Is this good for downloading movies only, tv shows only, music tracks only, anime-only?

  • No, Primewire is not just for movies or TV shows or music or anime. It has all of them.
Is there any age limit to use Primewire?
  • No, there is no age limit to use Primewire.

Ask them before you start using it. If you already started or are currently using Primewire, then at least ask yourself these questions above, because that’s what everyone who visits this website asks for (and more). There is no need for you to search on Google for the answer, this article is all you need to know about.

What is Prime wire?

Primewire is a website where you can watch movies and tv shows online without downloading them which saves your hard drive space and also it provides HD quality videos but there are some reasons why people should not use it.

1) This site contains illegal content. There are Hollywood movies and shows such as Iron Man 3, Star Wars 7 (The Force Awakens), The Hateful Eight, etc., which are only available on paid websites like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Asking for these movies in the comments section will be removed immediately by moderators of this website.

2) At some point, movie links on Primewire will not work and you will see some error messages like “This video is not available for your region.” So, first, it’s better to ask the above questions in their FAQ section on the home page.

3) Primewire is blocked in Australia and UK so if you are an Australian or a British citizen, then go through this article on TorrentFreak to know how to unblock Primewire. If you are from any other country, then read the next reason.

4) Some ISPs block this website so if you want to use it, a VPN is what you need. A good thing about a VPN is that it also provides security so while watching movies or tv shows on Primewire, your ISP cannot track what you are watching.

5) A VPN is also useful to unblock Primewire in countries where it’s blocked. For example, it’s working now in India but if the government decides tomorrow to block this website then a VPN will come to your rescue and it’ll still not be blocked for you and you can continue to use Primewire as usual.

6) Also, note that a VPN is not just a tool to unblock this site but it’s also a good security tool and something every internet user should have because if you are watching movies online then your password can be easily hacked by expert hackers. If you haven’t read the above article on TorrentFreak, then read it now.

7) Sometimes the movies and shows on Primewire end abruptly without a proper ending, maybe because of copyrights or something else which I don’t know but that’s what happens sometimes.

8) Remember that you will not be able to earn anything from uploading your favorite movie on Primewire because it’s not allowed.

9) Don’t give your personal information to this website at any cost because that might lead you to get hacked or your credit card details can be stolen easily if you are using this for downloading movies offline. For example, I heard that Comcast users were charged $400 extra just because they gave wrong download links to their ISP and they were not aware of the additional charges.

10) There is a majority of foreigners on this site who only come with a single intention which is to watch movies for free, I’m sure most of them will be using viruses without even knowing it because most probably they’ll be downloading from third world countries where security isn’t that good, and they aren’t aware of these dangerous things.

11) I already mentioned in the beginning that Primewire contains illegal content which is not safe for you and your PC or laptop. If someone wants to search for legal movies, then they should go to other websites like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

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