Navigating Real Estate With Mark Hauser – Inside Mortgage Types, Mortgage Lenders, and Approval Requirements

Mortgages and lenders are the backbone of our real estate industry, at least in the United States. Buying a home can be a seminal moment in everyone’s life, but only if they make smart choices and are backed by financially sound decision-making.

Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity has made a career out of guiding his clients toward the kind of financial guidance necessary to succeed. Operating out of Hauser Private Equity in Los Angeles, Mark Hauser took time to underscore how to find a lender, what types of mortgages are ideal, and what the qualification criteria are along the way.

What Does a Mortgage Mean to Me?

First and foremost, finding a mortgage lender is going to be the key to unlocking the door to your home in the future. Mortgage lenders work with buyers to supply them with financing that is to be paid back depending on the terms of their loan. Residential mortgages are between two or more consenting adults and typically require a cash deposit. Residential mortgages are secured loans which means that they can be repossessed by the lender should the buyer forego making payments.

After obtaining a mortgage, buyers will pay back the mortgage plus interest rates throughout the duration of the loan. 

How Can I Find the Right Loan?

Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity understands that you cannot succeed without the right loan. Homebuyers have the choice to pick between four common types of lenders, according to Mark Hauser.

Credit Unions are known for offering a variety of banking services, even mortgages, to lenders who qualify. Credit Unions often have to team up with a second institution to offer their products.

Online Lending Companies grant potential buyers the flexibility to shop at ease from the comfort of their homes. Online lending companies are flexible, but they lack the kind of direction and guidance that many first-time buyers are looking for when attempting to obtain a mortgage.

Professional Mortgage Brokers are one of the most common lenders around as they work on commission to match a buyer with the right property. Once the transaction is completed, the mortgage broker moves on to another customer.

National Banks are another great choice for buyers looking to get financial backing. National banks offer a variety of mortgage products when compared to community and regional banks. Work closely with a lender in this setting to get the right loan.

To learn more about obtaining a mortgage, contact Mark Hauser at Hauser Private Equity. Hauser Private Equity is a hybrid equity fund management firm based out of and operating within the Los Angeles Area.

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