Indian Supreme Court orders apology for Nopur Sharma’s blasphemous statement

The Indian Supreme Court on Friday ordered an apology from Nopur Sharma, a BJP spokesperson, for her blasphemous statement during a court hearing last month. Sharma had made the comment while arguing against the bail plea of accused in a case related to the Delhi riots.

Who is Nopur Sharma?

Nopur Sharma is an Indian politician and lawyer who got into trouble for making a blasphemous statement about the Indian Supreme Court. She made the comment on social media, and it quickly spread. The court ordered her to apologize, but she has refused.

What did Sharma say that was blasphemous?

In India, blasphemy is a serious offense. Today 07-july-2022, the Supreme Court ordered an apology from Nopur Sharma for making a blasphemous statement against Muslim Relegion. Sharma had made the comments during a television show discussion on the renaming of certain cities in Uttar Pradesh. The court found that Sharma’s remarks were “insulting and hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims”.

How did the Indian Supreme Court respond?

The Indian Supreme Court has ordered an apology from Nopur Sharma for her blasphemous statement. Sharma had made the statement during a television interview, in which she said that the Muslims was not a historical figure. The court said that Sharma’s remark had hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims and ordered her to apologize within four weeks.

What are the implications of this case?

The case has far-reaching implications for freedom of speech and expression in India. It is now clear that the law does not protect those who make blasphemous statements, even if they are made in good faith. This means that people can be prosecuted for their speech even if they did not intend to offend or hurt anyone. The case also raises questions about the role of the courts in protecting religious beliefs. Some have argued that the court’s decision could lead to a chilling effect on free speech, as people will now be afraid to speak out against religion for fear of being prosecuted. Others have welcomed the decision, arguing that it will help to protect religious beliefs from attack.


The Indian Supreme Court has ordered an apology from Nopur Sharma for her blasphemous statement. The Court held that such a statement is not only against the law but also goes against the very sanctity of religion. It is hoped that this judgement will serve as a deterrent for those who seek to spread hatred and disharmony in society under the guise of freedom of speech and expression.

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