The thought of bringing an innocent, beautiful baby into the world is a joyful thought until you see the bill. Seeing the cost of pregnancy can be very scary, indeed, and you do not want to be caught unaware.

KFF says that pregnancy and childbirth have an average healthcare cost of almost $19,000. This includes $2,854 paid out-of-pocket.

While you may be physically ready to give birth, are you financially ready for the cost of raising a kid? It is impossible to raise children without the right amount of parenting finances.

Inflation is rising, and so are child costs. If you are thinking if it is the right time to get pregnant, make sure you understand the cost of pregnancy, and then make an educated, well-planned decision about timing. Here is what you should know.

Maternity Clothes and Shoes

As you progress through pregnancy, you find your clothes will feel uncomfortable. If you work in an office, it can be difficult sitting at a desk with snug clothing on as your belly grows. The cost of maternity clothes is expensive if you buy them new, so try a secondhand store.

Some moms find their feet change during and after pregnancy. The shoes that fit you before pregnancy may no longer fit afterward, so you may need to invest in new shoes.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Once you discover the news that a bundle of joy is on the way, mom needs to take care of herself. This means immediately purchasing prenatal vitamins. Depending on what you buy, it can range from $6 to $50 monthly.

Some insurance plans cover prenatal vitamins, but not all. You will want to check with your healthcare plan about prenatal nutrition.

If the cost of pregnancy does not seem feasible right now, but you still want to have a baby in the future, learn about tubal reversal costs.

Pregnancy Health

It’s not just about the vitamins. While pregnant, the mom will need to see a doctor or midwife for regular check-ups, which will include blood tests and ultrasounds.

Health insurance may not cover everything for your visits, so it is important to ask what your plan benefits include. You should do this before seeking prenatal care so you choose a provider “in-network” to save money.

Labor and Delivery

The average cost to have a vaginal delivery is $13,024 without insurance. This price includes hospital fees, anesthesiologist, OBGYN, etc.

For a Cesarean birth, the average cost is upwards of $22,646. There may be complications too, and if you need emergency care, the price will go up.

Just like the checkups, this may or may not be partially covered by your health insurance. You want to see the detailed plan to better understand your out-of-pocket costs.

Cost of Pregnancy

Bringing a baby into the world is pure happiness, and there is no greater job than being a parent. Before you embark on this part of your life’s journey, consider the cost of pregnancy and if it is the right time for parenting finances.

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