Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting On-Demand Housing

Are you new to renting on-demand housing or do you consider yourself a pro?

No matter how you answer, this article is for you.

 The places and ways in which we work have undergone some major changes over the last few years. Technology has risen to meet many of the new demands, and provides key support in some of the burgeoning trends of today’s workforce.

 Ready to book a short-term corporate housing rental? Read this first to ensure you don’t make some of the common costly mistakes.

 Common Mistake: “Finding corporate housing is complicated.”

 Most people regard seeking corporate housing with the same zeal and enthusiasm reserved for taxes. Who has time to weed through all the options, find out what’s available when, and for how long, not to mention whether or not it includes all the necessary amenities?

 The nomadic workforce is booming, especially in the healthcare and construction industries. With traveling nurses and those hired to build or improve upon infrastructure all across the country needing a place to stay, Travelers Haven decided to expand and improve upon the on-demand and corporate housing industry. They created a way for those who need short-term rentals to be able to find them, easily and painlessly.

 And what’s the easiest way of doing something? Enlisting the help of a pro, and letting them do the work for you, that’s how. 

Travelers Haven does just that. They find the available homes for you, for free. From the rural middle of nowhere places to bustling cities. All you have to do is let them know what you’re looking for, where, and when, and they do the searching for you.


 Common Mistake: “You have to settle.”

 You shouldn’t have to settle, especially if you’re going to be on location for a few months or more. 

You want to make sure your temporary home facilitates your lifestyle with as minimal of a disruption as possible. If you love to cook, you likely have standards for your kitchen. If working out is part of your daily routine, an onsite gym is a must.

 While most on-demand housing comes fully furnished, those who book through Travelers’s Haven have the option to customize the furnishings, picking pieces that align with their taste. How cool is that?

 Their team works with you to ensure you’re getting everything you hope for, and takes all your needs into consideration. They have experts all over the country who are familiar with different regions, so having them there searching on your behalf is an invaluable resource.

 Common Mistake: “Corporate housing is only found in urban areas.”

 While it’s true, traditionally most corporate housing options were limited to big cities and dense urban areas, you can now find corporate housing in other places too.

 Travelers Haven works with properties all across the USA, from major cities to tiny one-horse towns. So, no matter where you’re headed, you’re guaranteed to find a place to call home.

 Additionally, there are other solutions such as Airbnb, which come fully furnished and can be rented on a month-by-month basis. However, if there are other guests that have booked within the time frame that you’re there, you may have to vacate temporarily.

 Common Mistake: “You can’t bring your pet.”

 Pets are family too, and there’s no reason you can’t bring yours with you to your new temporary worksite. There are tons of pet friendly options available. Because we all know: nothing makes a place feel more like home than getting a heartfelt enthusiastic greeting from your beloved pet, every time you return, no matter how long you’ve been gone.

 Make sure you include pet friendly in your “must-haves,” and if you love long walks or going on other outdoor adventures with your pet, it doesn’t hurt to look for a place that has trails nearby, or is enjoyable to walk.

 Common Mistake: “Only businesses can take advantage of corporate housing.”

 On-demand and corporate housing is available to everyone. 

When relocating permanently, many people panic and sign a long-term rental lease, sight unseen. By using an on-demand short-term rental instead, you get a chance to familiarize yourself with the area. Check out neighborhoods before committing to a long-term rental agreement or buying a home.

It takes a lot of the stress out of moving and gives you an opportunity to settle in and get a feel for the new environment.


So now you know you don’t have to lower your standards, and there are resources out there to help you with your housing search that eliminates a lot of the associated hassle. Now, the only settling required is settling in, after you arrive. We hope these tips are helpful and lead to you relaxing and enjoying your new space.

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