A Kindhearted Pokémon Quest in Miki: Drifloon and the Child

In the small town of Miki, located down by the beach, you’ll find a young child being held captive by a Drifloon. The Pokemon doesn’t mean to be bad, but it’s playing and doesn’t want to let the child go. Speak with the child and he’ll tell you about how Drifloon has been playing with him for hours on end. Head back to Miki and speak with the Mayor to complete the quest and receive your reward.


When you approach the small shack by the beach, you’ll find a child inside who tells you that Drifloon has been playing with him, but won’t let him leave. The child is worried because he doesn’t think Drifloon means to be bad. Talk to Drifloon and it will seem happy to see you. It will also explain that it was just playing with the child and didn’t mean to scare him. Thank Drifloon for being so kindhearted and it will give you Stardust as a reward.

How playing with Drifloon can be fun and rewarding

Drifloon is a kindhearted Pokémon that just wants to have fun. By playing with it, you can make some great memories and receive some rewards too. Stardust is just one of the things you can get from playing with Drifloon, so head on down to the beach and have some fun. playing with drifloon can be a great experience if you know how to approach it. With this short guide, you’ll be playing and having fun in no time.

The benefits of playing with Drifloon

Playing with Drifloon can help promote emotional development in children. By playing with Drifloon, children can learn how to interact with others and develop empathy. In addition, playing with Drifloon can help improve problem-solving skills and encourage creativity. So not only is playing with Drifloon fun, but it’s also beneficial for children’s development.

playing with drifloon can have benefits such as helping promote emotional development in children, improving problem-solving skills, and encouraging creativity.

The key points of playing with this Pokemon

Playing with Drifloon is a lot of fun. The Pokemon is very playful and loves to have fun. It will definitely make your day brighter. Playing with Drifloon can also be beneficial to children. It can help them learn how to interact with others and develop empathy. If you’re looking for a fun activity, playing with Drifloon is definitely it. playing with this Pokemon.


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