A Guide to Learning about Clip-in Hair Extensions

Fashion trends keep on changing every day. People like to follow these trends, from different kinds of clothing to what hair color is in trend these days, and elevate their fashion game. For instance, hair extensions are trendy these days.

Some people get extensions done to increase the length of their hair, and others do because their hair might be falling a lot, due to which their strands have no volume. No matter the reason, the best clip in hair extensions add instant length to your hair and make it look more bouncy and voluminous. 

There are many hair extensions, some of which are hand-tied, sewed in, and clip-ins. Each of them has its advantages and is installed differently. This extensive article will teach you how clip-in extensions change your overall look, how much they cost, and the installation process.

What Are These?

Clip-ins are a type of attachment method in which parts of hair are added to a person’s natural hair with the help of several sensitive clips. In one set of these extensions, various sizes and lengths of hair wefts range from one to four clips.

Nowadays, this method is gaining attention in the fashion industry as these are easy to apply and maintain. Also, they beautifully blend with the person’s natural locks and give them a complete look. This method is a temporary fix; you must take it off every time you sleep. One most essential benefit of getting such products is that these are highly safe compared to other methods and do not give you traction of alopecia that other extensions might cause. 

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply clip-ins all by yourself, you should begin with one weft, which has three clips and is open. Start from the back, section your strands to make the work more accessible, and use a claw clip to tie the rest of them. 

Take one section and install the weft clip on it by sliding it and then snap it close. Double-check to ensure the weft is flat on the scalp, and add all the wefts. Applying clip-ins is not that difficult, but if you are having trouble with them, you can always go to a salon and let the professionals handle them with care.

What Is the Cost?

The average cost of the best clip-in extensions is about 100$-200$. This cost might vary according to your strands length and how many wefts are needed to make your locks look voluminous and bouncy again. Another factor that affects the cost is where you live and your neighborhood.

Does the Application Take Very Long?

The best clip-in hair extensions are the most convenient, and you can easily install them in about 5-10 minutes at home without having a hairstylist to guide you. This method is best for people who want to instantly elevate their look for occasions and events.

How Long Do They Stay?

Since most people do not wear these items daily, they have a very long life, unlike the semi-permanent extensions installed in your scalp, and you cannot take them off whenever you want. If you take care of your clip-ins correctly, they will stay for at least one year or more.


To conclude, clip-ins are the best option among other methods. If you wish to have them, ensure you get the ones made of natural hair, as you can style or color them whenever you want. Ensure that you take care of your products as you do your locks. In that way, the products will last very long.

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