The term housewife has seen many definitions and interpretations over the years. Through the lens of dictionaries like Collins and Cambridge University Press, and from the experiences of women worldwide, the concept has evolved significantly.

Housewife Definition in the English Dictionary

Both the Collins English Dictionary and the Cambridge University Press provide definitions for the term housewife. Traditionally, a housewife is a married woman whose principal occupation is running or managing her family’s household. She might not work outside the home, focusing instead on tasks like cooking, cleaning, and childcare.

Stay-at-home Mother vs. Working Wife

While the traditional housewife definition emphasizes a woman who stays home to take care of the house, modern adaptations acknowledge working wives. The feminist movement has played a role in blurring these lines, with many women juggling both household responsibilities and careers. You may also read Stacy Wilson’s Bus Crime Scene Photos

Exploring the Roles and Responsibilities

Cooking and Cleaning

A quintessential role of the housewife, cooking and cleaning form the backbone of the household. However, it’s essential to note that this role isn’t restricted to women. Men too can and do engage in these tasks.

Childcare and Daycare

Childcare has been a primary responsibility of housewives. With changing times, some also opt for daycare services or involve their husbands in shared responsibilities.

Household Management

Beyond cooking and cleaning, managing the family involves budgeting, ensuring the well-being of family members, and sometimes even contributing to the family income.

The Modern Housewife: Breaking Stereotypes From Homemaker to Badass

A housewife can be a homemaker, but she can also be a badass businesswoman, an artist, or anything she chooses to be. The Collins dictionary, for example, may provide a traditional definition, but real-life experiences showcase a spectrum.

Young Housewife to Middle-class Housewife

From young brides who just got married to middle-class housewives managing systematic housecleaning routines and maybe even a job outside, the term encompasses a vast range of experiences.

The Working Wife

Today, it’s not uncommon to find a housewife who earns a paycheck, contributes to the family income, or even serves as the primary breadwinner.

Around the House and Beyond

While a housewife may spend a significant amount of time around the house, many get involved in community work, pursue education (like attending a university), or even initiate movements.

Usage of the Word and Feedback

Example Sentences

  • Despite being a traditional housewife, she took courses at Portland University.
  • As per the Collins dictionary, a housewife focuses on homemaking, but in reality, her roles can be multifaceted.

Feedback and Evolving Meanings

It’s essential to remember that dictionary entries are not stagnant. With feedback and evolving societal norms, definitions can change. The term housewife, for instance, is much more diverse than previously expressed in examples.


While the meaning of housewife has its roots in traditional norms, modern interpretations recognize the versatility and depth of the role. Whether managing the house, working outside, or juggling both, the housewife of today is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and strength.

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