What Happens to Engagement Rings After a Couple Gets Married?

Engagement rings mark significant steps and moments in a relationship. They signify how far you’ve come and the next level of your relationship. It shows a high level of commitment towards one another. 

Marriage proposals are always tense and emotional. As such, you can have an emotional attachment to your engagement ring. For diamond engagement rings, the love can be overwhelming, given the beauty and value of the rings. 

So, you may find yourself wondering what to do with it after the wedding: 

  • Should you wear it on and after the wedding day? 
  • Should you replace it with the wedding band? 

If you’re confused about it, our diamond experts will guide you.

There are women who don’t remove their engagement rings after getting married. Instead, they wear it alongside the wedding band on the left hand’s fourth finger. But, the wedding band goes first, making it closer to the heart. The engagement ring sits above the wedding band. 

So, you can wear your engagement ring in the same way. There are also other ways of handling the ring after the wedding. Let’s dig in and explore them in detail. 

Wear It Alongside the Wedding Ring

Wear It Alongside the Wedding Ring

You can still have the engagement ring close to you. No one would wish to lose such a memory – the symbolic day when your significant other resolved to commit to you. And the engagement ring type, like a diamond, can have meanings and emotions attached. 

A diamond engagement ring takes commitment to another level. Diamonds are forever, so it means a resolve to ensure a long-lasting relationship. They sparkle and come in different designs, metals, and styles, so you can customize one that suits you. As such, diamond engagement rings are symbolic, timeless, and fashionable pieces. 

It may be challenging to get rid of such valuable sparkling engagement rings. Well, you don’t need to if you don’t want to let it go. There are three ways you can rock the wedding and engagement rings:

  • Wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring on the same finger. 
  • Overlook traditions and wear; let the engagement ring be where it is. That means the wedding ring comes on top of the engagement ring. 
  • You can also solder the two rings to create a beautiful stack. But, the option is applicable if the two rings complement each other beautifully. 
  • Wear it on the right hand to enhance your overall elegance and style. You should ensure it fits well to avoid losing it. 

Polish the engagement ring if you will wear it alongside the wedding ring.  

Note that not all rings can complement each other and elevate your elegance. The look can be awful without mixing the correct styles, metals, and settings.  As such, you should avoid stacking the rings together if it will ruin your look. 

You still have other options if you don’t want to wear it side by side with your wedding ring.  

Ditch the Engagement Ring and Opt for a Single Ring

It all comes down to your preference. It is okay to settle for one ring to mark your marital status. So, you can either hold on to the engagement ring to mark the occasion or ditch it and opt for a new wedding ring. 

There are several reasons for some brides to stick to just a single ring instead of stacking them together: 

  • A single ring is more comfortable than stacking two or more rings on one finger. A single ring can stick elevate your style and elegance on its own. But it depends on the type you select. For example, a diamond ring embedded with a sparkling center diamond stone complete with a great design can elevate your look to a new level. 
  • You only need to worry about losing one ring. Imagine losing two or more diamond wedding and engagement rings because you stacked them together. And maybe they will cost you more than $1000 each.
    You would have lost a substantial investment and a significant part of the history or moments of your relationship. 
  • You needn’t worry about matching your rings to achieve the perfect outlook and elegance. Let’s face it – it can be challenging to find the perfect pair unless you buy an engagement and wedding ring as a set. 
  • You can get a better, stylish, and compelling single ring for the price of two or more that you could’ve stacked on a single finger. For example, you can opt for a Pela Vintage or Primrose ring instead of two solitaire rings. 

A single ring can still accentuate your elegance and make a bold style statement. It all depends on what you are planning to rock. Opting for a stylish diamond wedding ring can enhance your glow and elevate your elegance. It will complete your outfit with glamorous sparkle. 

Wear It as a Pendant

Wear It as a Pendant

Not every bride wishes to ditch their engagement rings just because they’ll receive a new wedding ring. You can wear it as a pendant if it means much to you. Get a beautiful chain with your engagement ring on it. 

It will still be visible as a pendant, especially if it’s a diamond engagement ring or any other beautiful piece. Also, it will not deflect attention from your sparkling wedding ring. So, make it your wedding day pendant or wear it after the wedding. 

Wrap Up

Your engagement ring should worry you so much now that your wedding is fast approaching. If it is so dear to you, there are ways you can still wear it:

 Rock it alongside the wedding ring. But ensure they match and complement your outfits.

  • Turn it into a pendant necklace and keep it close to your heart. 

You may need to polish it if you plan to wear it on your wedding day. That will ensure its brilliance and sparkle match your big day. 

Also, you can ditch and opt for a compelling wedding ring that standouts. You can get a great ring for the price of two that you may think of stacking on your finger. But, the options depend on personal preference. 

However, matching your engagement ring to your wedding ring may need an expert from experts. Feel free to get in touch for more guidance on how to proceed. 

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