There are different types of uniforms you will find in professional kitchens. Most chefs wear a chef’s coat, but that is not the only type of uniform. You will also find fry cooks, who have a different uniform to protect their clothing from grease and oil spills. Line cooks may also wear aprons, which are usually black with pockets for utensils. Cooks of different ethnic backgrounds may wear turbans to keep their hair away from the food. Finally, all of these cooks must usually wear tall white hats called toques, which are kept on top of their heads by means of elastic bands under the chins.

Chef’s Coat

A chef’s coat is a long-sleeved double-breasted jacket traditionally worn by chefs around the world. A chef’s coat may either be white or black, depending on the chef’s preferences. The coat is made in a way that the front of the jacket wraps around and fastens, usually with buttons or toggles. This type of uniform has been used for hundreds of years throughout history.

Fry Cook

A fry cook’s uniform generally consists of heavy, short-sleeved pants and long-sleeved shirts with double breast pockets, usually made of denim. The pants and shirts are almost always stained with grease and oil, and the color of the uniform will depend on the type of restaurant the cook works in. A toque or hairnet is generally worn as well. You may also read Well Health Safety Seal Reviews


A cook’s apron is usually black so that any food which becomes smeared on it can be easily hidden. It may have a thick center-pleat and is fastened at the waist with adjustable ties. The apron usually has two large pockets, one on each side, for utensils such as spoons and forks. This type of uniform is worn by line cooks who work in front of stovetops or hot ovens that can cause burns and need to be protected from such hazards.


A cook with an ethnic background that is not European may wear a turban as part of their uniform or as an alternative to one. The purpose of the turban is to protect the hair and keep it away from food, as well as providing insulation against burns and electrical shocks. This is why many chefs of Indian origin will wear turbans.

White Hat

The tall white hat called a toque Blanche in French, is the most iconic part of any chef’s uniform. It is generally made out of cotton and shaped like an inverted cone with the widest section at the top. A small hole near the tip allows steam to escape when cooking, and it is kept on with a rubber band wrapped beneath the chin. This type of hat is used by cooks in many different countries.

The following is a list of what professional chefs wear:

  • A chef’s jacket with long sleeves and adjustable cuffs. The neck will be high, but not too tight or restrictive. It should also have two to four buttons on the front which are typically made from fabric rather than metal. They may not need pockets as they can store small items in their aprons.
  • The pants don’t necessarily need an elastic waistband because many professionals cut it off for comfort reasons.
  • Chefs typically wear black shoes that fit closely around the foot without being uncomfortable or constricting movement. Some people suggest wearing a closed-toe shoe for safety purposes while others prefer open toes to avoid getting them dirty.
  • Many professional chefs choose to tie their hair back or to wear a hairnet or hat so it isn’t in the way of their cooking.


In conclusion, professional chefs typically wear simple jackets high-necked shirts with adjustable cuffs pants and comfortable shoes that have a close fit without being constricting they may also choose to tie their hair back or wear a hat or hairnet for safety and cleanliness.

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