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How Do You Make a Straight Apostrophe in Word?

straight apostrophe in word

Rest your cursor where the straight apostrophe should go, click on “Insert”. A menu will pop up. Select “Symbol” and then choose the symbol you need.

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To make a straight apostrophe in Word, you can use the “Insert” menu. Scroll down to “Symbol” and then select the symbol you need. There’s also a shortcut: hold down the Ctrl (Control) key and press the apostrophe on your keyboard.

what are smart quotes in word

Apostrophes are used in various ways, but one of the most common is to show possession. For example, you might see a sentence like “Bob’s computer is on the desk.” This means that the computer belongs to Bob. You can also use apostrophes to indicate contractions. For example, “I’m” means “I am”.

Apostrophes can be confusing if you’re not sure where to put them. It’s important to remember that apostrophes are used for more than just possession, and they don’t always go before the s.

Take a look at some sentences with apostrophes:

  • Bob’s car is on the street. (possession)
  • We’re going on vacation. (contraction for “we are”)
  • She’s in the other room. (contraction for “she is”)
  • The cat’s toy is under the couch. (possession)
  • They’re my friends. (contraction for “they are”)
  • It’s time to go. (contraction for “it is”)

It’s important to realize that the rules governing apostrophe use can be complicated. For example, possessive pronouns like his, hers, its, yours, theirs don’t take apostrophes. Instead of writing “Bob saw its tail,” you would write “Bob saw its tail.” It is also important to know where not to put apostrophes. For example, “Don’t let your children do that or they’ll lose their toys” is incorrect because there are no possessive pronouns here (“they” would refer to the children, not their toys).


Apostrophes have several uses in English writing, but one of the most common is to show possession. If you’re not sure where to put an apostrophe, take a look at the sentence without it first. Then decide whether the word is showing possession or it’s being used as a contraction for two words. If you still can’t tell, try writing the sentence out without the apostrophe. Once you have decided how to spell it correctly, don’t forget to add the apostrophe.


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