Are you aware that almost half of all Americans don’t know how to sew a button onto their clothes?

While it’s never been easier to shop for a wide variety of beautiful clothes or visit a professional seamstress, sewing will always be a valuable skill that everyone should learn.

Do you have a morale patch that you’d love to sew onto your clothes? Read on for the ultimate morale patch guide so you can sew with confidence.

Before You Sew on Your Morale Patch

It’s important to know that there are a few steps you should take before attempting to sew on morale patches. Make sure your article of clothing is washed, so there’s no new shrinkage after your patch is on. You should also iron the article of clothing since wrinkles can mess up the final results.

Morale Patch Tips for Sewing by Hand

Learning how to sew by hand does require more time, but you can increase your accuracy and reduce your risk of getting hurt. The good news is that a needle and thread cost next to nothing, while a sewing machine is an investment. If you’re moving forward with this strategy, then the first thing you’ll need to do is buy some thread that matches or complements the color of your morale patch.

Once you’re ready to go, you can set your article of clothing down on a flat, clean workspace and use a pin to secure the patch in your ideal spot. Thread the needle and tie a knot, so the thread remains attached. Cut a long piece of thread and double knot the other loose end.

Work the needle into the border of the patch starting from the inside of the garment to hide the knot. Work the needle up and down through the garment along the border. Stitches that are close together add extra security to the patch.

Once you’ve completed the border, send the needle back inside the garment, tie another knot, and snip the leftover thread.

Morale Patch Tips for Using a Sewing Machine

It’s not recommended to use a sewing machine on an important article of clothing before you’ve had some practice. This is why you should use some clothing scraps to practice on so you can get a feel for the machine first.

Once you’re comfortable, you can thread the bobbin, turn the speed on low, and line up the clothing, so the needle is above the border of the patch. Press the pedal and slowly feed the clothing to the machine around the border.

Set the machine in reverse and back up the clothing a little to close the stitching.

What Is a Morale Patch? It’s an Amazing Way to Add Flair to Your Clothing

With so many awesome morale patch benefits to reap, you shouldn’t delay adding yours to your clothing. After reading this guide on how to sew a morale patch onto your clothes, you’ll be able to create your perfect design with confidence.

Sewing is just one of the many valuable life skills that people should have. If you want to take steps toward building a brighter future, then our blog is the place to be. Spend some time surfing our articles so you can collect more amazing tips.

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