How To Redecorate Your Home For Festivals Functionally?

Redecorating your home doesn’t mean spending a fortune on new furniture and accessories. It could be done in a few simple steps, and by adding simple details. Whether you are decorating your home for the first time, or for the hundredth time, whether during festivals or any event, a minimalist look, and small changes can make a huge difference in the way you represent yourself.

Festivals are a time to change the look of your house and make it happier, and more vibrant. With a minimum budget, you can change some furniture that will serve you long-term and can make some changes to already existing decorations to give a fresh look to your home.

Paying attention to smaller details while you redecorate for festivals brings the vibe to your home, and spreads the values of happiness, love, and festivities around.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips:

  1. Adding some light to your room is the first step you can take toward redecorating your home. Changing the standing lamps in your room with different-hued ones can add festive spirit to the overall vibe of the room. If your room is neutrally painted, adding some bright lights can balance the color matching very well and look both classy and elegant. Changing normal lamps with LED corner floor lamp RGB color changing can make your rooms feel inviting and warm along with a festive feeling.
  2. Add some comfort to your chairs and replace your old chairs with comfortable ones. Wood dining chairs with sturdy frames and upholstered seats can be very comfortable and look chique. To add a cozier touch to your dining room, replace your chairs and seating arrangements with Keeka upholstered dining chairs. It can add textural contrast to your dining space.
  3. Click and frame family pictures. Use festive frames with a matte finish, with your favorite memories, to hang in a personalized wall display. Paint your frames, and DIY them with some crafty ideas to make them look beautiful, and personalized. Basic black frames or basic white frames with a little pop of color can beautify the whole look, and make your walls look new and bright.
  4. Your cabinets can go bad very soon, especially at hinges if you regularly open them. For spaces where people will gather around and sit together, squeaking cabinet sounds can create a ruckus, and disturb the festive gathering. While you are redecorating, consider spending a little amount on self-closing cabinet hinges, as they are silent and of better quality, and will work for a longer period.
  5. Spending one time can benefit you for a longer period. For some elements in your room, you can also remove the doors of some cabinets and replace them with glass doors.
  6. Decorate with books. Books are a cheaper option to decorate your home and add a different aesthetic to it. Festival-specific books, movie DVDs placed on shelves in your room, and coffee tables, can add up to your festive mood. They look very elegant and save you a lot of money. You can add as many books as you want to your decorative aesthetic.
  7. DIY some mirrors with plant vines. Forget your original mirror decor and wrap some floral vines around the mirrors to give them a cleaner festival look.
  8. Display handmade ornaments, and antique finds. Incorporate some mementos from your vacations, gifts from friends, handmade cards, and notes, and tie them with colorful ribbons or printed ribbons to add a festive touch.
  9. Write wishes on decorative paper and stick them around the house to make your family and friends feel happy. When your guests enter the house and read those wishes you placed for them, they will feel special and it will add to your festival charm.
  10. Beautify your office and stationery items. Without spending much, you can find some amazing festive stationery buys and office items. Replacing your regular stationery items with festive ones is a functional and happening way to redecorate your home without making a hole in your pocket.
  11. Turn hodgepodge colorful plates that you get at bare minimum prices into decorative wall art. Cluster different patterns and colors of plates together to add texture to your plain wall, and decorate it beautifully for the upcoming festivities. Choose a color theme according to the season and festival and make your dining room look edgy.
  12. Set some tone at the front door. Add festive elements to your front door and set the tone for your house. As soon as your friends enter, they will feel a sense of celebration going around, and feel cozy and comfortable.
  13. Use floral arrangements all around the house. Mix and match different colors and types of flowers so that it makes a colorful bouquet. They are cheap options to completely change the look of your house. They are a lovely thing to wake up to and look classy when placed around the house even if you don’t change your pots. You can also use recycled plastic or glass bottles by DYing them or painting them, to place your flower arrangements.


Festival makeover can be daunting if you do not keep certain things in mind. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket when you plan a festival makeover for your home. These little changes mentioned above can make a difference.

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