Coffee is the world’s second-largest traded commodity, with 400 billion cups consumed every year.

If you are a coffee drinker and want to know how is coffee made, keep reading to learn all there is to know about coffee. Let’s get started!

Wet Processing

Coffee starts as the coffee cherry fruit that the seed grows in. After harvesting, the cherries are sorted and cleaned, and the thin layers of pulp and mucilage are removed during the wet process. The cherries are soaked in water for a certain period to make extracting the bean from the fruit easier.

The beans are then separated from the fruit, fermented, and dried to a moisture content of 11-13%. The beans are then hulled to remove the parchment layer and graded according to size and weight.


Coffee beans start as green and must go through a roasting process to turn them dark and flavorful. The bean selection and roasting process are used together to determine the flavor of the coffee.

The green beans are sorted and hand-picked for quality. Then, the beans are slowly roasted in a temperature-controlled environment for about twelve minutes. The heat causes the beans to expand and crack, releasing oils and flavor.

The beans change from green to medium brown during the roasting process before turning a darker brown. The timeline and temperature of the roast both determine the flavor, aroma, and body of the coffee – overdone, the beans become charred and burnt.


The quality of the grind, which ultimately affects the beverage’s taste, is determined by the size of the individual coffee particles. It will help if you ground popular coffee beans properly and consistently to achieve the desired coffee particle size.

For example, when using an electric grinder, the beans should pass through the grinder blades in a consistent size.


The grounds are placed into the filter of the brewing device, poured with hot water, and mixed. This mixture then steeps in the filter until the desired concentration of flavor and strength is achieved.

The brew is then poured out of the filter into a cup or mug and enjoyed.


Each step in making coffee is important and can play a significant role in the flavor and quality of the finished product. From hand-picking the best beans to carefully selecting the brewing method, there is something extraordinary about the work that goes into producing a great cup of coffee. Enjoying the process of making coffee is just as enjoyable as drinking it.

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Know How Is Coffee Made Today

Coffee is a complex drink that requires many steps from seed to cup. Learning how is coffee made is essential in creating a great cup of coffee, from selecting the beans to roasting, brewing, and preparing the coffee.

With this knowledge, you can go out and make your fantastic cup of coffee.

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