Everything You Need To Know About Rolling Hemp Papers

A hemp wrap is a traditional way of smoking any flower. It’s ideal for everyone- whether they’re long-time hemp users or smoking for the first time. It is cheap and highly sustainable in the long run, making users need to learn how to roll hemp papers effectively. A hemp wrap is entirely organic, devoid of chemical or artificial preservatives. 

Unlike traditional rolling papers and wraps, a hemp wrap doesn’t contain any adhesive or nicotine. Since nicotine can be highly toxic to the body and addictive, hemp wraps are widely preferred by those who want to smoke their favorite flowers without any added risk to their health. Not only is hemp paper free from tobacco, but it also offers some effects to cannabinoids for a better trip. 

Now when it comes to how to roll hemp papers, there are two ways to go about it. One uses glue strip hemp wraps, and the other uses pre-sealed hemp wraps. Here’s a guide to help you roll the perfect blunt with organic hemp papers.

Glue-Stip Hemp Papers

These operate similar to regular rolling papers. Most of the time, you’ll find these come in a pack, struck together, or in a roll. Before you start the process, carefully separate one paper from the group, and you can begin rolling your flowers.

  • Start by grinding your flower of choice into fine particles. Doing this will ensure that the blunt burns evenly for a steady smoke. However, do not pulverize the flower too much. 
  • Then, flatten your hemp paper and place your flower on it, starting from the center and tapering towards the edge. Ensure that the edge of the glue strip is facing upwards.
  • Then, start rolling the paper back and forth, keeping the glue strip end open, to obtain a blunt. Be sure to pack the blunt well. Not too tight, but ensure that the ground flower pieces aren’t loose.
  • Then, add moisture to the glue strip and seal your rolled blunt. Hold it for 30-60 secs until the strip is secure. 
  • Add a filter to one end of the blunt, and ensure that the blunt is firm. Then, light up the other end and enjoy.

Pre-sealed Hemp Papers 

These are essentially pre-rolled hemp papers that only require packing. They’re already sealed, making them fast and easy for newbies or anyone looking for a quick light. 

  • Start by grinding your favorite flower. Do not pulverize it into fine dust; try to break it into smaller particles.
  • Once you’ve ground the packing, use a packing tool to scoop some of the flowers into the pre-sealed hemp paper. Push it till the end of the wrap. Try to leave some air spaces as it will allow the blunt to keep burning. 
  • Then, all you need to do is light the blunt and have a safe trip. 


One of the most common issues faced is mastering the art of rolling. Rolling is always the most challenging part; getting a good grip over it will take some time and practice. Moreover, since hemp papers are thicker and studier than traditional rolling papers, you’ll likely learn how to roll faster. 

Another critical factor to remember is learning how to seal it. Since these don’t contain added adhesives, you’ll need to determine the correct moisture level to secure the blunt. If it’s too dry, it simply won’t stick and will unfurl. On the contrary, if it’s too wet, your paper will get soggy and won’t make for a good experience.

Final Words

Whether a newbie or a regular user looking to shift to more organic and healthy options, hemp papers are ideal for you. So master the skill of rolling the perfect blunt.


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