Debt Collection in United Arab Emirates, is a long process that might be tiresome for small businesses and companies. The idea of having a healthy relationship with the customers, changing economies, broken contracts, and unpaid bills can result in distortions in the way of debt collection. While there is no guaranteed method of Debt Collection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other Emirates, some strategies can be used to improve the ability to get your money back.

First and foremost, check the authenticity of the creditor and his credibility in the market. You must also take into consideration their past business relationships in the market to secure your debt. You may also seek a police clearance certificate to check if he has any pending cases in the country. The company or business must know about the customer’s credit history. 

The company is less likely to experience payment problems if the business chooses to deal with customers who pay their bills in due time. It is important to run a commercial credit check on each new customer account before granting credit. This helps to set credit terms appropriate to the financial situation of the customer. Credits need to be settled, business will not be managed or flourished, otherwise.     

Collection Procedure:

The customers can also be contacted via phone call and be informed about the dues. They can also be sent the Emails. They can also be approached through Visits etc. Before contacting them, gather as much information about the debt as you can. You must be well prepared, before the meeting and your narrative must be clear for having meetings. Always keep the past due invoices in front of you and make sure to take careful notes while speaking with the debtor. 

It is best to communicate with a firm tone and to be as polite as possible. If the phone calls are not producing the required results, a formal demand letter must be sent to the debtor. In case of no response from the indebted customers don’t shy away from engaging the services of a professional collection agency. Keep in mind that collection procedure is based on the amicable solutions not on the, aggressive chase ups or litigation. Therefore, try to finish this matter as soon as possible but amicably only.   

Civil Case is Possible:

The Debtor on receiving the notice will be liable to pay the original debt with additional days provided. In case the debtor fails to do this, then a case will be launched in the civil court. The court proceeding requires debt collection services with the best debt collection attorney to pursue the case as the court proceedings in Dubai are done only in writing. Such Cases are called as the Civil Cases. Such Cases are called as Commercial Cases as well. The court always decides after the complete analysis of information from both parties. The both parties have to provide

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