A Simple Tips On How To Roll A Joint


One of the most used ways to smoke cannabis is by smoking it through a joint. Passing a joint in your friends’ circle is like a sign or symbol of socializing in the cannabis consumption practice. The conventional way for initiation into the consumption of cannabis is by learning how to roll a joint. Rolling a joint is not particularly difficult, but it does require a little practice before getting good at it.  

Why is it necessary for a smoker to roll one? Because it is one of the easiest ways to consume the cannabis herb. Without it, it could get quite challenging to consume your herbs. What is the purpose of the rolling paper and hemp you’re carrying if you don’t know how to use them correctly? Before learning to roll one, the essential thing to know is which rolling paper to buy and how to know. 

Which Rolling Paper Should You Choose?

Always choose rolling papers that are not bleached, produced from rice, or made of hemp. This is the best and most natural selection to help you stay healthy. There is a considerable difference in the difficulty level regarding the different bands. So to get better at it, you can practice with other brands every time you sit for a session. 

How To Roll A Joint?

The initial action to consider how to roll a joint is to collect all the requirements. The things that you will need to make your joint include one-third of a gram of cannabis, a grinder to grind it into fine material, a rolling tray, and rolling papers. You will also require a filter or the requirements to make it on your own and something like a toothpick or a pen. 

Next, you start by grinding the cannabis into fine particles. You can use a grinder for this. Separate and equally divide the herb using the grinder for the best experience. Finer and evenly ground cannabis can provide one of your best smokes. It depends on the texture, and the grinder helps you with that.

Once you are done grinding the plant, you start with the crutch. It is always easier to buy a crutch, but you can also make it. The crutch works as a mouthpiece for the joint and helps you grip the roll better. It also blocks the fine particles of the plant from entering your mouth and burning it. Most people, therefore, prefer using a crutch while taking a hit. 

The following step is to fill up the rolling paper with the ground cannabis. Spread the blank on your rolling tray. The sticky side of the paper should be away from you. Before you start filling it with the contents, first place the crutch in the place that you find it to be comfortable. 

Once you finish filling up the paper, it is time to start rolling it. With the ground cannabis in the middle, hold the two sides of the paper with your index finger and thumb. Then pinch the sides into the position of the tobacco. Next, you roll the non-sticky side of the paper towards the sticky one and seal it up. Simply push the cannabis that might be falling out the open side with a pen and twist that side to close the joint. 

Other Ways To Roll A Joint 

The Dutch Tulip 

The origin of this method comes from Holland. You roll the paper like a plant’s thin stem with a giant bud at the end, which resembles the shape of a blooming flower. It creates a more immense amount of smoke than most joints. 

The Shotgun 

The shotgun is a stylish way to roll a joint these days. You have to roll two joints together in the shape of a shotgun. It is known to have originated somewhere in America. 


So these are how you can roll a joint, usually creatively. Aside from these, some more ways to roll a joint are being discovered daily. 

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