A Look At iTop VPN’s User-Friendliness

Convenience is a crucial factor to consider when getting a product for your PC. A convenient utility is easy to use and will not bring any issues. Do not overlook user-friendliness when getting a VPN for PC.

How do I know that VPN is user-friendly? To help you figure out this attribute, we focus on iTop VPN, which is one of the best that you can ever get. It is a true embodiment of convenience, which we will see in various aspects as highlighted in this piece.


Versatility looks at the functionality of the VPN service. You can use the VPN for various uses, primarily, having a safe browsing experience. Besides browser protection, it also iTop VPN also guarantees you faster internet and access to restricted content.

The other area you appreciate the versatility of this VPN service is its compatibility with several operating systems. You can use it for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Moreover, a single account can work on a maximum of five devices.

The Free Service

iTop offers a free VPN service, suitable for new users who may use this version for trial purposes. You do not need to sign up to use this version. You can use the free VPN if you do not browse a lot. Available perks, besides being cost-free, are access to 16 servers and 700MB of data and bandwidth.

Reasonably-Priced Premium Packs

If satisfied with the free version, you can upgrade to the paid version to get more resources. Many computer utilities have costly premium plans. That is not the case with iTop VPN. You have three plans to choose from, ranging from 12 to 36 months.

The 12-month plan costs $3.99 per month while the 24-month plan goes for $2.31. Finally, the 36-month package costs $1.66 monthly. The prices are reasonable, at amazing discounts, considering their standard rate is $11.99.

Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if the plans do not satisfy you.

Below are some of the benefits you get from iTop’s premium plans.

  • Access to over 1800 servers worldwide
  • Unlimited data and bandwidth
  • Faster internet speeds
  • Enhanced browser safety
  • Safe torrents downloads

Customer Support

It is common to encounter a problem when using VPN services. Do not panic if you cannot sort out the problem at hand, as a 24/7-available customer support team will have your back. The team is efficient and will deal with your problem fast for you to get back to enjoying the VPN’s services.

Malware Protection

Malware infestation can affect your PC’s functionality and expose you to some risks. iTop’s product ensures that such risks are zero, courtesy of its malware protection feature. With iTop VPN, you are safe against worms, viruses, trojan horses, and other harmful programs.

Final Thought

We can see that iTop VPN spares no effort in giving you a user-friendly experience with its product. It does an excellent job of guaranteeing a safe browsing experience by ensuring faster browsing speeds, malware protection, and access to geo-restricted material.

Get this VPN for Windows on your device and have all-around protection.

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